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The Majestic Theatre is the heart of community arts programming in Corvallis and its surrounding areas. We produce over 200 performances and events per year, events that are as diverse as our community—everything from volunteer-led theatre productions to dance showcases to stand-up comedy to concerts and absolutely everything in between! As a division of the City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation department, we are committed to making our community healthy and thriving. 


We value your help in giving our community a space to enjoy the arts. We hope that you will support The Majestic Theatre and join in on the fun! Your contribution helps to keep the Majestic the artistic heart of Corvallis.

Friends of Corvallis Parks and Recreation, our support 503c organization, is eligible for the OCT Tax credit and match. All monies donated to Friends of Corvallis Parks and Recreation with Majestic Theatre indicated as the purpose of the donation are available for us to use for Majestic projects.

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