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Majestic Readers' Theatre Company

The Majestic Readers' Theatre Company offers high quality staged readings on the last weekend of every month. The Company will offer a production in the “readers' theatre” style: trained actors, with scripts in hand, make the play come alive through vocal talent, facial expressions, and minimal staging. Readers' Theatre plays are a fun, accessible way to experience contemporary works by famous modern playwrights that might not otherwise be performed here.

The Majestic Readers' Theatre Company operates within the Majestic Community Theatre “wing.” All roles are cast through open auditions, and productions are staged with an all volunteer cast and crew. Anyone interested in joining the Readers' Theatre Company can participate in an audition.

For more information, contact Mike Aronson.

Majestic Readers' Theatre

Tart of the Valley Burlesque

Tart of the Valley Burlesque is a unique performance troupe based in Corvallis, OR. Offering a combination of classic & neo burlesque styles.

The troupe and a wide variety of special guests perform two burlesque shows per year at the Majestic Theatre, in the spring and winter seasons.


Previous shows: 

Flaunt Among the Flowers – May 2015

Books & Burlesque – November 2015 

Market of Dreams: the Secrets to Happiness – May 2016

School of Enchanting X-per-Tease – November 2016

Talent Night – A Night at the Bar – March 2017 

Winter Wonderland – December 2017

Magic Garden – May 2018

Winter Wonderland 2: Escape from the North Pole – December 2018 

Fairytale Frolic – May 2019 

Tart of the Valley Burlesque

Improv at the Majestic

Improv Theater is intense, funny, and made up right before your very eyes. It is performance art created just for you, and it’s never the same twice. ‘Improv at the Majestic’ is made up of the best improvisors in the Willamette Valley, and they perform a wide variety of improv shows at the Majestic Theatre ranging from all-play ‘Jams’ where any audience member can play, to D&D-inspired fantasy shows, to competitive ‘SMACKDOWN’ battles where the audience chooses the winners and losers.

Corvallis Comedy Night and Improv

Corvallis Comedy Night

Since kicking off last fall, Corvallis Comedy Night has been bringing some of the best stand-up comedians in the country to The Majestic. Last season’s four sold-out shows featured nationally-touring comics recently seen such places as Conan, Netflix and Comedy Central. The Majestic turns out to be a perfect room for stand-up; big enough to work up a huge laugh, while still small enough that there’s not a bad seat in the house. All four of these shows have been a total blast, and seeing so many people in one room laughing together has been such a joy. In the upcoming second season, the CCN gang plans to bring three-to-four more of America’s best stand-ups to The Majestic. We hope you will join us! To be the first to hear about upcoming shows, please follow Corvallis Comedy Night on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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