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2019-2020 Season Proposal Feedback

Majestic Patrons and Volunteers,

The venerable Majestic Play Reading Committee is deep into reading and discussing the proposed shows for our 19-20 season, and they would like your help! Please read the proposals on this page and give them feedback on the shows that are up for consideration. Scripts for all of the plays are available for check out at the Majestic Business office if you aren’t familiar with them. The musical scores are not available, but there is a lot of info out on the web if you look for it. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Please use the form below to give your feedback on the shows. While the PRC was chosen in an effort to represent the gamut of folks who work or play at the Majestic, your feedback is important. You are the folks that are going to be auditioning for these shows. You are the folks who will be crewing them. You are the folks who best know what working with these directors is like. Let your voice be heard! But not literally; it’s an online form. The PRC uses your feedback to help them prepare for their meetings with the directors.

To ensure that the feedback is productive, here are some conditions and explanation of how we will use this feedback:

1) Comments should focus on the shows and the director’s vision for the show, rather than personal comments about them.

2) Any potentially libelous or defamatory comments will be deleted and not used as part of the PRC process.

3) ALL feedback will be condensed by the Theatre Supervisor into topics to be discussed by the PRC with the directors rather than viewed verbatim.

Thanks for helping us with our 2019-2020 Proposal Process!


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