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Catch Me If You Can Callback List

The Catch Me If You Can Production team announces the following:

“Here is the callback list. If your name does not appear don’t worry, you may still be considered. We will post a cast list by Friday at the latest. thanks you to everyone who auditioned. The talent, energy and fun was amazing to see!

Noah Vanderburgh

Max Morter

Alex Sims

Ethan Elmore

Jaimee Sims

Katie Smith

Michelle Giles

Bryony Dupont

Cheri Gullerud

Eric Wright

Michael Wren

Matthew Otten

Robert Joseph Powers

Tom Dye

Emma Nichols

Molly Duddlesten

Ara Duddlesten

Sophie Schumaker

Rebecca LaPorte

Jasmin Hancock”

Thanks to everyone who came out and auditioned! And mark your calendars for November 2nd through the 18th for Catch Me If You Can!


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