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Disney’s Jungle Book Kids Cast List

Majestic Youth Day Camp is excited to announce our the cast list for our 2016 Summer Camp, Disney’s Jungle Book Kids!

Thank you to everyone for spending your Saturday afternoon with us. We were amazed with the talent, which made it a tough decision because of the enthusiastic turnout.

Below is the casting for your 2016 theatre camp and shows. We look forward to seeing all of you for the pre-camp meeting on June 18 at 10:00 a.m. (Please remember that is the final day for full payment.)

If you have any questions, please call the Majestic, or email: Prepare to have fun, and congratulations!


Mowgli:                       Jane Denning                    (understudy: Aarau Shah) Bagheera:                   Sydney Hoffman              (understudy: Sarah Hovermale) Baloo:                           Bailey Filley                       (understudy: Lucas Ainsworth) Elephant/Hathi:        Quinn Reynolds               (understudy: Isaac Girt) Elephant/Baby:         Emma Jade Terry             (understudy: Emma Beran) King Louie:                  River Ribein                       (understudy: Kyle Milburn) Old Monkey:              Lucas Ainsworth              (understudy: Lily Ann Travelstead) Shere Khan:                Ella Rose                             (understudy: TBD) Shanti/Tree:                Elizabeth Doty         (understudy: Ursula Taft)

Kaa: Alyea Boland Jaelin Gregory Caroline Kehder Kyle Milburn Ryan Staben Emmaline Westfall

Elephant Troop: Emma Ball Cecilia Chapman Isaac Girt Ariel Girt Samantha E. Kelley Teza Ross Alex Staben Ava Stroppel

Monkeys:                    Brooklyn Filley Sarah Hovermale Amanda Lundin Ella Rose Aarau Shah Lily Ann Travelstead Raina Wetzel

Porcupines: Annikka Howe David Wang Stephan Xue

Vultures:                     Sierra Williams Grace Axtell Kylie Sullivan

Wolves:                       Grace Axtell Kyle Milburn Rowan Minton Arlo Ozturk

Trees:                           Maeve Gregory Ursula Taft

Bees: Emma Beran Emma Doty Freya Harte Jona Lundeen

Flowers: Eila Howe Ananya Karra Lola Starcevich

Plants: Emma Leigh Boland Bing Chung

Rocks: Chess Lewer Victoria Peterson

Jungle:   These roles will be assigned to anyone who signs up for camp but did not attend auditions.

*Note: Anyone listed as an understudy has been cast in a role. In theatre, an understudy is assigned in case the primary actor is unable to perform due to illness or absence.


Board Operator (Sound or Lights):    Lia Joy Chung

Set Building & Painting:    Jaelyn Gregory

Makeup:     Jaelyn Gregory

Tech Positions (to be assigned):                      Lucas Ainsworth Grace Axtell Emma Ball Maeve Gregory Sarah Hovermale Annikka Howe Arlo Ozturk Teza Ross Aarau Shah Kylie Sullivan Lily Ann Travelstead Emmaline Westfall Sierra Williams

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