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Frozen Jr. Cast List

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

The creative team for the Majestic Summer Theatre Adventure Camp is proud to announce the cast and crew for our show! Young Anna - Eila Howe Middle Anna - Amaris Ellsworth Anna - Ella Mae Muir Young Elsa - Emma Doty

Middle Elsa - Neve Kalberer Elsa - Sariah Ross Hans - Adam Franks Kristoff - Finn Murphy Olaf - Annikka Howe Sven - Qwynn Neilly Weselton - Alex Antrim Bishop - Leo Bulgren Bulda - Kezie Hirsch Butler - Calder Jefferson Man Malore Cook - Fiona O’Daniel-Reyolds Guards - Sofia Emery/Quincy Handmaiden - Ella Boesch Housekeeper/Steward - Sydney Hoffman

King Agnarr - Marcus Musch Oaken - Andrew Rauch Pabbie - Cecilia Chapman Queen Iduna - Sarah Hovermale Snow Chorus - Annelise Benson, Lily Bollenbacher, Reese Pifer, Lena Larson, Althea Pos,

Oaken Family - Saylor Cassady, Freya Harte, Georgie Merback, Sebastian Guentner,

ENSEMBLE Annelies Thurber Sarah Stewart Annika Mellein Ava Stroppel Samson Leathrum Ben McGovern Lola Starcevich Luiza Emery Aren Pelerson Katrina Peltomala Anna Heitmeyer Olympia Salcido Ananya Karra Aqoesh Storniolo Nyomi Figueroa Kiyora Dorres Kyran Biesack Annabelle Thorson Cassidy Seltzer Zoe Capriles Technicians Makeup Rory Petersen/ Jesa Petersen /Avery Seltzer

Stage Managers Samantha Kelley Kalie Ash

Congratulations everyone! Be sure to get your campers enrolled in the camp!

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