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Majestic Readers' Theatre Company Fall Cast Lists Revealed!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Readers' Theatre Company Artistic Director Mike Aronson sent this message along about the casts of the next three Reader's Theatre shows!

"Twenty six people, nine males and seventeen females tried out for 13 roles. Three of the twenty-six were actresses who have never tried out with us before. If you did not get a role, please do not get discouraged. Many of the auditions I saw could just as easily be cast in these roles. Sometimes it is not the audition performance that determines who gets cast. A big reason is scheduling rehearsals around actors conflicts. One actor is available but another isn't. The experience of an audition is useful since it gives everyone a chance to see the choices made by other actors. All of us improve our skills by watching the work of others. I hope to see you all again at the winter auditions November 6-8, 2019.

On the Verge by Eric Overmyer directed by John Elliott Jodi Altendorf is Mary Kathie O’Brien is Fanny   Arlee Olson is Alex  Tom Haig is Grover, etc.  Tamara Alba will read the Stage Directions

Stop Kiss by Diana Son directed by Kali Kardis Breanna Manassa playing Callie Ellie Smith playing Sarah Katherine Otten playing George, Det. Cole, and Peter Kathie O'Brien playing Mrs. Winsley and the nurse Brandi Douglas as the narrator

The Quality of Life by Jane Anderson directed by John Sams Debbie Wright is Jeannette Kim Fairbairn is Dinah Ward Fairbairn is Bill Don Taco is Neil"

Congrats to all of those who were cast! We can't wait to see your shows!


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