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Open Auditions for the Fall Musical Aladdin!

The Majestic Theatre will be presenting a British Panto staging of the classic story of Aladdin this Fall, with performances running October 2nd thru October 18th.

We’re looking for a cast of nine adult leads and 16 young singer­-dancers (age 10-­17), for the Majestic Theatre’s Fall 2015 production of the musical “Aladdin!”.

Audition dates and times: Youth Ensemble:­ 4:30pm on Monday, July 6th and Tuesday, July 7th.

Adult Leads:­ 7:00pm on Monday, July 6th and Tuesday, July 7th.

Callbacks will be at ­ 7:00pm on Wednesday, July 8th.

**Note: You need only attend Monday OR Tuesday, and Callbacks if requested.**

Older Teens with theater experience are welcome to also audition for Adult Leads.

Youth Ensemble:­ Come prepared to sing and dance. You may also bring sheet music for a song from a musical, but it is not required.

Adults: ­ Bring sheet music from a musical. Be prepared to dance. Scripts, vocal books and highlight CDs are available for 48­ hour checkout from the Majestic Office (Wed thru ­Fri 12:00-­5:00pm).

“Aladdin!” is a full ­length, two­ act musical in the British “Panto” style. That means: audience participation, certain stock character types, a fairy-­tale plot, special effects and wild comedy. “Panto” should engage ALL ages, and is produced every year in thousand of theaters in Britain and Commonwealth countries in venues ranging from village halls to giant West End theaters.

See this Wikipedia article for a good overall description:


DARKENFAST (Magical Baddie) ­ An evil wizard. Today’s to­do list includes taking over the world. Tends to get a teensy bit angry when people don’t cooperate with this obvious simple plan. (Any range,­ no solos)

GENERAL BOOMENBLAST ­ Leader of the Army of Al­Katrash. The General’s main job is making sure no one has any fun. It’s not what the General intended for a military career. This part may be played by either a male or female. (High Alto or Soprano, Tenor if male).

SARGENT SLUGG ­ Toady to the General. May be played by either a male or a female, and this actor will probably also play the Mummy. (Baritone if male)

ALADDIN (Principal Boy) ­ A young lad, pure of heart, and leader of a street gang in Al-Katrash. He helps his mother (the Widow Washingo), and brother (Sudsy), in the family laundry business. Aladdin will be played by an actress. (Mezzo Soprano or High Alto)

SUDSY (Comedian) ­ Aladdin’s brother and an aspiring comedian, if it doesn’t involve losing his head. Has a crush on a certain Lady­ in ­Waiting at the Palace. (High Baritone)

WIDOW WASHINGO (Dame) ­ The mother of Aladdin and Sudsy. Runs a laundry. Seeking a man. Any man. Played by a man. (Baritone)

Sudsy and the Widow Washingo are the comedy leads of the show, and also have the most interaction with the audience. They must be able to ad lib with audience and handle a very messy soapsuds routine.

PRINCESS ANGELICA (Principal Girl) ­ Daughter of the Grand Vizier. She is under threat of being married off to the first prince who’s wealthy enough. She wishes her father could be happy again. (Soprano)

LADY WANNAWANNABE ­ Lady­ in ­Waiting to the Princess. She has a crush on a certain boy who delivers the washing. (Any range, no solos)

JEANIE (Magical Goodie) ­ A genie. She’s been trapped in a lamp for nearly a thousand years. Very cynical about humans, because the only way she can be freed is if a human uses their third wish to free her. (Soprano)

THE GRAND VIZIER ­ The unhappy ruler of Al­-Katrash. After his wife died, he banned all joking, games, fun and laughter in the city. (Baritone)

THE MUMMY ­ As the usual bandage-­wrapped monstrosity, the Mummy is the star of the Valley of the Kings scene in Act II. May be played by Sargent Slugg. No lines, but must scream.

THE ENSEMBLE ­ 16 young performers (10 through 17 years old), who will play Urchins, Imps, Courtiers, Soldiers, The Executioner, The Comedian and Flying Skeletons. The Ensemble are VERY busy in this show, and are the primary dancers.

Rehearsals will begin Monday, July 13th, and will generally run from 7:00pm to 9:30pm Monday thru Thursday.

The rehearsal schedule will be organized so that cast members are only called when there is something to do, and priority will be given to getting the Ensemble home as early as possible, until the show moves on­ stage in September and run ­throughs start. Aladdin will run for three weeks, beginning October 2nd.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to e­mail the director at


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