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We Need Your Help with the Majestic Redecoration Project!

Over the past decade for various reasons, all but a tiny bit of the visual history of the Majestic as a community space was removed so that it could be a neutral environment for rental purposes.

Now that the Majestic is once again primarily a community performing arts center, we want to bring that history back!

So, we need your help. We need Majestic programs, posters, cast photos, candid shots, news clippings, and any other artifacts and memorabilia from your closets, shoeboxes, and scrapbooks. We would like to begin collecting on June 22nd, 2015.

Don’t worry, you’ll get them back. Unless the individual specifically would like the original to be enshrined in the halls of the Majestic, we will be scanning and reproducing your priceless artifacts.

So, email if you have any questions or to arrange a time to bring down your memories, or just stop by the Business Office Wed-Friday 12pm to 5pm and drop them off. You will be given a little form to fill out and we will document who dropped off what and arrange to have it returned as soon as we’re done with it.

Once we have everything, over the months of July and August, we will begin arranging all the lovely memories upon the walls in an attractive and engaging tribute to all the passion, love, and talent that the Majestic has played host to over the years.

Let’s get the history of the Majestic back into the Majestic this summer!


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