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Corvallis Access Media, formerly CCAT, is a voice in media for the Corvallis community. Serving Channel 29 and the web, our goal is to connect you to the tools and resources you need to get your message out to the community, whether your interest is in arts, education, social justice, or simply telling the stories that make our city unique.

CAM doesn’t happen without YOU, so email to get involved with making public access in Corvallis a reality!


The first step in becoming a Corvallis Access Media volunteers is signing up for Volgistics, the Majestic Theatre volunteer database. This provides insurance and additional protections when you’re volunteering at the Majestic, and is a great communication tool for opportunities at the theater and through CAM.


Updated weekly. Comcast Channel 29 is just one of the ways you can access content created by Corvallis Access Media volunteers - you can also check out our Youtube page! Like, comment and subscribe - and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!


Content created using Corvallis Access Media gear will be aired on both Comcast Channel 29 and the CAM Youtube page. Please include a slide before or after your program stating that the program was created with CAM gear. If you are a community member who wishes to sponsor Public, Educational, and Governmental Access media from other communities, please email the CAM Coordinator for more information.


If you’d like to check out equipment, email the CAM Coordinator or stop by during these office hours. Please try to email a request for equipment at least a week before you need it - without a reservation, gear will be checked out on a first come, first serve basis.


This forum is for members of Corvallis Access Media. Users can collaborate and share ideas with fellow CAM volunteers, as well as receive messages from the CAM Coordinator in the event of important information like weather closures, staff out due to illness or power outage, etc. Thank you for being a part of Corvallis Access Media!


Corvallis Access Media has a large variety of equipment available for checkout, including camcorders, DSLR cameras, microphones, lighting kits, Macbook editing suites with Final Cut X and Adobe Creative Cloud software, tripods and much more! Please email the CAM Coordinator for availability of gear or stop by during office hours.


The Corvallis Film Lab is a collective of volunteers who have the goal of working together to produce films and other media. Involvement is open to all who possess an interest in filmmaking. Experience is not necessary - the only prerequisite is interest and willingness to participate. So roll up your sleeves, come join us and get the experience!


Our goal is to provide the greater Corvallis community with fun and edifying classes and workshops, taught by both local and visiting experts in their fields. The Majestic Education Program is also seeking new and exciting instructors to teach new and exciting classes! Bring us your creative class ideas, and we’ll help you refine them into something that will get prospective students excited.