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What is The Majestic Lab?

The Lab functions as a classroom, meeting hall, dance studio, filming workshop, and catch-all space for whatever needs arise at a busy theatre. It’s also where we host a variety of productions, including our Readers’ Theatre and Lab shows.

What is Majestic Readers’ Theatre?

Readers’ Theatre productions are smaller, more intimate shows that happen in the Lab space where actors have scripts in hand to read from the whole time. With a short rehearsal schedule, minimalist set dressing, and no memorization requirement, Readers’ Theatre is a great option for first time directors, actors, and designers. Far from only a venue for those exploring theatre for the first time, Readers’ Theatre is also great for people who can’t commit time to a mainstage show or who want to work on something that is better suited to a more intimate staging. Many of our long-standing volunteers (and at least one staff member) got their start in Readers’ Theatre and we at The Majestic welcome anyone with even a passing curiosity to give it a try. Lack of experience shouldn’t be a barrier to sharing your art; in our continued effort to forge strong community connections The Majestic will support newcomers in the process of staging a play from start to finish.

What is a Lab production?

The Majestic Lab as a whole has many functions and one of those is as a space for encouraging experimentation. Original works, new scripts, odd performance forms: the Lab is the place for it. Lab shows differ from Readers’ Theatre shows in a couple of ways. The main way is that Lab productions are fully memorized, instead of actors having scripts in hand. Lab productions are also more elaborately staged, while still creatively adhering to the constraints of a smaller space. These factors generally require a longer rehearsal time than Readers’ Theatre productions, so keep that in mind when considering your proposal.


How do I propose a show for the Majestic Lab?

Proposing a show for the Lab is quite simple. All you need to do is click the button below to our proposal form and fill it out in its entirety. Please indicate whether you are proposing a Readers’ Theatre or Lab production. Unsure of what a question is asking? Feel free to contact Damien Manassa, the Lab technician:


What if I want to propose, but don’t have a script?

The Majestic Theatre has a library of scripts on site for check out. Please fill out this quick Patron Registration Form and the librarian will send you an email with instructions on how to set up your account and start requesting books. Dramatists Play Service, Inc and Concord Theatricals are also great resources to browse script summaries to get a better idea of what might interest you.

Get Involved!

Direct: Proposals for Lab plays will be considered on a rolling basis, and once accepted, will be scheduled according to the availability of the tech crew and the prospective director.

Act: Upcoming productions will be linked below, and you'll be able to read more about the play and prepare for auditions!

Tech: If there's an upcoming production you'd like to help out with, but you prefer to remain behind the scenes, contact Damien Manassa at to learn about the availability of tech positions.

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