Majestic FAQ


How do I buy a ticket?

Easy! Either head to our ticketing page online or visit our Box Office from 12 – 5 PM Wednesday through Friday and one hour before showtime of each show. You can also call in during those hours and get help purchasing your tickets at 541-738-7469.

How do I purchase a season package?

We actually have discontinued our Season Package service as of August 2019! But that doesn't mean you can't get a discount if you are interested in a bundle of shows! This season, if you purchase tickets to five or more shows, you'll get an automatic 10% off! We hope this encourages folks to purchase tons of tickets all at once!

Don’t you have specific ticket types as well?

Yes! That is how most of our shows handle pricing. We have: Adults, which essentially captures anyone who doesn’t fit into our other categories. Students, which include students at all levels from Kindergarten to College. Seniors, which are patrons that are 60 years old and above. Veterans will also receive reduced pricing; just mention it at the time of purchase. Beyond those, certain shows in our season will have pricing based on seating section.

Cool! Beyond that, aren’t there a few ways we patrons can save some cash on tickets? Discounts?

Of course. Opening Night and Thursday Performances
All Opening Night performances of our mainstage theatre shows and all Thursday performances for said shows are just $10, regardless of who you are. Oregon Trail/Corvallis Arts for All
If you are currently receiving EBT benefits and have an Oregon Trail Card, you can show that in person at the box office to receive up to two (2) $5 tickets through the Corvallis Arts For All program. The CAFA program is subject to availability per show and performance. Group Discount
You can also save quite a bit through our Group Discount pricing, which gives you tickets that are $2 off the lowest ticket price, as long as you have 12 or more people buying tickets in your group! Ticket Bundle Discount Whenever you purchase tickets to five shows or more, you receive an automatic 10% off! And of course, throughout the year, we will have special promotional offers available for our patrons, so keep an eye out for those!

Do you have an online ticketing fee?

Yes. Our online ticketing fee is $2.00. You can avoid this fee by purchasing in person at our Box Office or by phone.

Well that’s reasonable! Okay… I’ve always had questions about your sold out shows. How the heck do those work with waitlists and such?

Good question! For sold out plays and musicals, a waitlist will be available for patrons showing up one hour before the performance. You will get yourself added to a list and at showtime, all seats that are empty in the house are effectively released. The House Manager will then wrangle all empty seats together and hopefully get you seated! If they can’t, we hope you understand and will hopefully have another opportunity to see the show! We do not offer this process for concerts or single event shows. But it’s still worth stopping by the theatre right before the show starts, as there are often tickets given back at showtime that will be resold on a first come, first serve basis.

Well that seems simple enough! I guess I should just buy all my tickets in advance to avoid all that business, huh?

That definitely helps!

Okay… what about my kids? I have a twelve-year-old, a four-year-old, and a two-year-old. Do I have to buy tickets for all of them? Or can I have one of them sit on my lap?

Children two and under can sit on a guardian’s lap for free. Any child older than that, you will need to purchase an individual seat for them! And don’t forget that we have booster seats for those kids too! And family restrooms on the second floor of the theatre!

Well I think that just about covers any of the questions I might have… I’ll let you know if I have more. I guess I’ll finish by asking… how do you all keep putting on such great shows?!

Majestic Magic. 🙂