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A story of doomed love between two extraordinarily selfish and powerful people, set against a sweeping background of the geopolitical conflicts of antiquity. Antony, Roman general and politician, and Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, can't settle on one choice: should they put their desire for one another above their responsibilities? Or prioritize their politics over their passions? In striving for both, they achieve nothing but miscommunication, isolation, and ultimately, utter tragedy.

This play contains discussions and descriptions of intimacy, violence, and war, as well as several onstage suicides.


Join Majestic Chamber Music for an afternoon of classical music from the beautiful land of Bohemia. From Dvorak to Smetana, we will immerse ourselves in the magical world of Prague, the “City of a Hundred Spires”, which sits at the heart of Central Europe.

The much-loved Trio PNW (Juilliard trained pianist Asya Gulua joins cellist Jason Duckles and violinist Anthea Kreston) is known for their passionate and sweeping performances. And for a special bonus: the Quartissimos take the stage for Queen’s iconic “Bohemian Rhapsody”!


Four women find themselves caught up in the French Revolution: an assassin, a spy, a playwright, and, of course, Marie Antoinette. They plot murder, find friendship (and do some good writing), in this irreverent, poignant, rebellious comedic romp that considers how we go about changing the world.


The Drawer Boy is an elegant testimony to the transcendent nature of fiction and the healing power of truth. In 1972, a young actor from Toronto arrives on a small farm in rural Ontario to do hands-on research for an upcoming role in a play about country life. He is sent to live with two aging bachelor farmers and unwittingly stumbles upon the truth about their past and as a result, their lives are forever altered when art attempts to imitate life and the line between truth and fiction is crossed. What begins as an amusing portrayal of rural and urban culture-clash, slowly peels away layers of forgotten truths and lies, exposing hidden secrets of love and tragedy.


Bringing together dance studios and groups from around the Mid-Willamette Valley, Terpsichore is a fundraiser supporting the Majestic Theatre’s commitment to providing a home for community dance showcases and performances. Come witness every imaginable style in this exciting milieu of movement and grace.

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Tom Thakkar is both an expert stand-up and a stand-up expert. So much so, that when Comedy Central needed someone to host and curate a podcast featuring clips from their multi-decade archive, he is the man they called. Originally from Bloomington, Indiana, Thakkar cut his teeth in the New York club scene with a style inspired by such observational comedy legends as Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Papa. Since then, he has gone on to perform his meticulously-crafted bits everywhere from The Tonight Show to Conan to Comedy Central, and we could not be more excited to welcome him to Corvallis!


Kalos is made up of three innovative interpreters and composers of Celtic roots music: Eric McDonald, Ryan McKasson and Jeremiah McLane. They are masters of tradition who purposefully explore the dark corners floating on its edges, delivering an alluring musical complexity full of spontaneity and joyful exuberance. They set the standard for traditional repertoire with an underlying drive and pulse charged with rhythmic electricity and integrity, forging a new musical path that draws on Celtic, Breton, American and other musical traditions on accordion, guitar, fiddle, and vocals. 


Monty Python’s SPAMALOT tells the legendary tale of King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail. Lovingly ripped off from the 1975 classic comedy film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Rotten Tomatoes: 98%). Spamalot retells the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, and features a bevy of beautiful show folks, not to mention cows, killer rabbits, and French people. The 2005 Broadway production won three Tony® Awards, including Best Musical, and was followed by two successful West End runs. The outrageous, uproarious, and gloriously entertaining story of King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake will delight audiences as they search for the Holy Grail, while “always look on the bright side of life.”

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All true comedy aficionados know that Beth Stelling is one of the best stand-ups of her generation. Last year her latest special debuted in the Top 10 Shows on all of Netflix and The New York Times named it the Best Breakthrough of 2023, calling it “as warm and loving as it is crass and ruthless…a meticulous professional in her prime.” Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Beth Stelling has released specials on Netflix, Max (formerly HBO), and Comedy Central, and performed everywhere from Conan to Jimmy Kimmel to Chelsea Lately. She is also an acclaimed TV writer and actor with credits including HBO’s Crashing, Sarah Silverman’s I Love You America, and once she even voiced a character on American Dad. Are you kidding me? If you can’t already tell, we are VERY excited to welcome her to Corvallis!

***WARNING: This show will contain adult language. No one under 18 will be admitted.**

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