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The Majestic Holiday Spectacular

Choose Your Own Carol at The Majestic Theatre

Choose Your Own Carol

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Christmas Cookies

Holiday Auction

Until December 20 at 6 PM

Choose Your Own Carol

Choose Your Own Carol

Celebrate the holidays with a modern adaptation of Charles Dickens’ beloved novella A Christmas Carol, but with a special twist: the ending is chosen by you!

Ebenezer Scrooge is the CEO of an incredibly successful web-based company, but that success comes at the price of the wellbeing of his employees, his community, and his soul. One faithful Christmas Eve, he is visited by the ghost of his old partner, Jacob Marley. Can Marley and the Three Spirits of Christmas change Scrooge’s heart with their visions of Past, Present, and Future? Will the story end as tradition dictates, with the redemption of Ebenezer Scrooge, the triumph of the spirit of Christmas, and a happy ending? Or will the spirit of Bah Humbug reign supreme after his night of visitations fails to change Scrooge’s heart, resulting in a tale of tragedy and revenge? You decide!

Redemption won

But that doesn't mean you can't see what happened in the Revenge version. Any donations made now until the end of the year will be gifted with the alternative ending. Don't miss out!

Holiday Auction

Holiday Auction

Need gifts for friends and family? Or maybe even a treat for yourself?


From December 1 until December 20th at 6 PM, bid on your favorite items. There's no upfront payment. Payment will be accepted from each auction’s winner in the days after the show has finished! Winners will be notified after 6 PM on December 20th and can schedule a time to pick up their winnings. 

Christmas Gift

The Gift of Giving

As we celebrate this season of hope and giving, we hope you'll keep The Majestic in mind.  


Any support that you can give The Majestic Theatre is greatly appreciated. You can also help sustain us by choosing to give on a monthly basis. Consider it a subscription to the arts. 


All holiday donations over $50 will be recognized via a dazzling paper star with the donor’s name on it, placed prominently in our front windows as a testament to your generosity. 

The Gift of The Majestic Theatre

Share the joy of The Majestic that can be enjoyed any time of the year.  


Gift certificates can be made for any amount. You can print these immediately, so there's no need to stress that your gift won't arrive in time!


A great gift for those who enjoy a little entertainment and fun!

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