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Announcing Majesticpiece Theatre 2021 Spring Season

We are very pleased to announce the Majesticpiece Theatre Spring season, two spooky, suspenseful plays that will wrap up our amazing year of live Zoom productions.

In April, join Martha Benson for a new adaptation of William Shakespeare’s eeriest play, Macbeth. A group of quarantined actors try to put on a zoom production of Macbeth. However, something wicked this way comes, and it soon becomes clear that the show is cursed, haunted by Hecate and her cyber witches. As the production progresses, the lines between the play and reality become increasingly blurred. Can the company break the curse of quarantine?


Written by William Shakespeare

Directed and adapted by Martha Benson

To be performed Saturday, April 17th at 7:30pm live online

Tickets: Pick What You Pay $0-$5-$10

Auditions due Monday, March 29th by 5pm

May will bring us monsters of a different sort, in the form of Doctor Victor Frankenstein and his famous creation. Playwright Richard Brinsley Peake added spectacle, comedy, and romance to the story of Mary Shelly’s famous novel, and first-time director Kelly McCauley will bring this largely forgotten play to life on Zoom. The dashing young gentleman Clerval is in love with Victor Frankenstein’s younger sister, but he’s becoming increasingly worried about his future brother-in-law. He pays Victor’s bumbling servant Fritz to report on Victor’s latest experiments, and when the truth of those experiments is revealed, shock, horror, and death ensues.

The Fate of Frankenstein

Written by Richard Brinsley Peake

Directed by Kelly McCauley

Adapted by Rachel Kohler

To be performed Saturday, May 15th at 7:30pm live online

Tickets: Pick What You Pay $0-$5-$10

Auditions due Monday, April 26th by 5pm


If you would like to try directing an exciting Zoom show of your very own, stay tuned for information about proposing for our upcoming Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Majesticpiece Theatre season.

No formal directing experience is necessary to apply. Many of the Majesticpiece Theatre productions that we have featured over the past few months have been directed by first-timers, and it's a perfect, low-pressure way to start your journey as a director.

Please note that we can only accept proposals for rights-free scripts, as we offer these online shows free of charge.

Our past Majesticpiece Theatre shows have tended to be classic comedies from Shakespeare, the Greeks, and Restoration-era theatre, with a few plays written by local playwrights thrown in for good measure. Classic scripts usually need to be cut down to a runtime of about two hours, with narration added to make a successful transition to the Zoom platform. If you’d like to see some examples of past shows, you can find a complete archive on our YouTube channel.

If you’d like to learn more, email program assistant Rachel Kohler at!



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