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Cast List Announcement - Monty Python’s Spamalot

Monty Python’s Spamalot

Book and Lyrics by Eric Idle

Music by John Du Prez & Eric Idle

Director: Ashleigh Barbeau

Assistant Director: Vanessa Nicholson

Musical Director: Jim Martinez

Vocal Director: Rebecca Douglas

Choreographers: Emily Ferrin & Jaimee Sims

Congratulations to the cast of Monty Python's Spamalot! Thank you so much to all who came out and auditioned for this show. We truly appreciate it, and we thank you for sharing your talents with us. We are so excited to see this outstanding cast take the stage.

King Arthur (A) - Patrick Chappell

King Arthur (B) - Ryan McWayne

Lady of the Lake (A) - Nicole Kent

Lady of the Lake (B) - Melissa Gutierrez

Patsy (A) - Riley Lucas

Patsy (B) - Amy Thomas

Sir Robin - Ashwin Rao

Sir Lancelot - Jack Thomas

Sir Galahad - Gary Bowman

Sir Bedevere - AJ Jystad

Prince Herbert/Sir Not Appearing/Ensemble - Alex Yatsko

Dead Fred/Knight of Ni/French Taunter/Ensemble - Hank Smith

Minstrel/Historian/Ensemble - Sharon Chang

Mayor/Herbert's Father/Ensemble - Jacob Birchard

French Taunter/Arms Monk/Guard/Ensemble - Jace Sylvester

Knight of Ni (Principle)/French Taunter/Ensemble - Jo Azar

French Taunter/Fife Minstrel/Ensemble - Kristin Young

Brother Maynard/Monk/Ensemble - Jason Young

Black Knight/Sir Bors/Monk/Ensemble - Joshua Burlock

Monk/Tambourine Minstrel/Ensemble - David Lisboa

Monk/Tabor Minstrel/Ensemble - Christoph Littrell

Mother/Tim the Enchanter/Ensemble - Cameron Macdonald

Concorde/Guard/Ensemble - Aiden Wilson

Knight of Ni/Ensemble/Dance - Emma Poff

Knight of Ni/Ensemble/Dance - Miranda Daviduk

Knight of Ni/Ensemble/Dance - Jordan McMinn

Knight of Ni/Dancing Monk/Ensemble/Dance/Tap Ensemble - Reid Sanders

Dancing Nun/Tap Ensemble - Meg Santoni

Tap Ensemble - Jessica Urey

Tap Ensemble - Mary Carter

The Majestic Theatre (a division of the City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation department) is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion and to creating a safe place for actors of all backgrounds to explore their craft. We are particularly eager to work with artists of color and other artists from marginalized communities. All auditions are free and open to the public. This audition is for an amateur, volunteer production. The Majestic Theatre staff and volunteers do not discriminate on the basis of age, national origin, race, gender, ethnic background, ability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or any protected class.

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