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Dam Right Drag Night Brings The Party to Corvallis

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Pride means being unapologetically you. Pride means living your truth. Pride means remembering those who have suffered (and those who continue to suffer) to set the foundations for queer folk today. Pride means honoring those who fought back against oppression during the Stonewall Riots in June 1969. And of course… pride means celebrating. And no one brings the party harder than the folks at Dam Right Drag Night.

It’s Pride Month and the Majestic Theatre is so happy to provide a space to one of the most exciting LGBTQIA+ groups in town!

Dam Right Drag Night’s 2nd Annual Pride Extravaganza is coming to the Majestic on June 21 and 22 at 9:30 pm. Tickets are available to folks ages 16 and up and cost just $10! Both shows feature entirely different lineups, so don’t miss your chance to double-dip in the drag delights!

Dam Right Drag Night (DRDN), as an idea, was born the way the best things in life are born… hours after exams amongst celebrating friends. DRDN took shape after college drag performers Lucielle S Balls (Luke Kawasaki) and Buster Cherry (Allyson Dean) realized they couldn’t just wait for the annual Oregon State Drag Shows to show off their glam for all to see. The stars aligned, a venue was found, and on Inauguration Day in 2017, Dam Right Drag Night took the stage for all to see.

Dean, one of the co-organizers of the event, felt that the world needed more positive spaces and says that DRDN is meant to “provide a forum for performers to push against and play with gender norms, a place for people to showcase their art, and a place for building affirming community.”

Two years later, those ideals stand strong and this amazing group of performers finds themselves on the Majestic stage for the second time! These two shows are their 12th and 13th shows respectively and they promise a bigger and better show for all, saying that “the ability to do it in a theater like the Majestic brings a lot more extravanganza eleganza to the stage.” And the world can always do with a little more extravaganza eleganza.

One of the show’s performers, Petty Washington (performing during the Saturday show) echoed the sentiment when we reached out to the Pride performers for comment.

“It’s bigger and better, baby!” gushed Washington. “Thanks to my siblings in the LGBTQIA+ community, Corvallis has a drag scene. A scene that needs to continue to flourish. I’m looking forward to just being in solidarity with my fellow drag performers.“

You’ll see Drag Kings, Queens, and everything-in-betweens bringing their all to the stage. Singing, dancing, burlesque, aerial arts, and of course, some of the best-dressed folks in Corvallis with looks that’ll leave your head spinning.

Dean and many of the performers encourage folks to bring open hearts and open wallets, as tipping is customary at drag shows and it allows you to show your favorite performers how you really feel… and it helps fund their amazing outfits. Looks like these don’t come for free.

Bela de Luna (performing during the Friday show) knows that better than most, as they asked folks to “tip well to fund my boots.” When it comes to the scale of the show, De Luna calls it “the big drag event of Corvallis.” “Dam Right is the perfect space to let go and feel free to experiment and be safe,” said Bela. “I couldn’t ask for a better host or inclusive team. We get this gorgeous stage and wonderful platform to show our best. I’m looking forward to some gorgeous looks, henny.”

If this will be your first drag show, don’t worry. Dean and company welcome you with open arms and hope you come away with an interest in the art of drag.

“We want folks to know that we hope this show will continue to pique your curiosity about drag and that you can feel comfortable to perform one day should you so desire!” exclaimed Dean. “We really love the support we get from all of you and these shows wouldn’t happen without the support of the audience.”

Antonio Top (performing during the Saturday show) asks audiences to continue the support long after Pride. Glam and fun are just at the surface of Pride, but to truly support our LGBTQIA+ family, Top asks that you do some self-reflection.

“Does the community you are a part of only look and hold the same identities as yourself?” asks Top. “How are you uplifting voices different from your own? Are you centering queer people of color, specifically black queer and trans people, not just this month, but always in your activism? Trans women of color paved this road for us but are the least protected by their own communities. How is your activism addressing this?”

With strong LGBTQIA+ leaders like the Dam Right Drag Night crew, the annual Extravaganza is sure to show Corvallis the best of Pride — a community that uplifts, advocates and challenges norms (and has a ton of fun doing it). It’s exactly the type of show the Majestic hopes to host for years to come!

Dam Right Drag Night has put together 13 great shows with over 20 performers from the Pacific Northwest and we hope you celebrate them when they hit the Majestic stage on June 21 and 22! Tickets are just $10! Buy them here!

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