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Proposals for the Majestic Reader’s Theatre 19-20 Season Are Open!

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

The deadline is April 16, 2019. 

Contact Mike Aronson at and copy Leigh Matthews Bock at Detailed information and proposal form below!

On the last weekend of every month, we present three high-quality performances of an exceptional play (sometimes two matinees and sometimes two evening shows depending on the mainstage schedule). This accomplishes two goals. It gives local actors more opportunity to perform in significant productions and hone their skills with other experienced actors while only committing to a one-month rehearsal schedule. Since it is a reading, all actors carry scripts. The purpose of the scripts is to limit the amount of time memorizing lines while maximizing character development. The actors tell the story using their voice and posture to convey emotion. The audience uses their imagination to place the actors in a specific location or time. This is Community Theatre so the producers, readers, and directors are not paid.

Corvallis gets to see plays that might normally not be produced as a main stage production because they are too expensive, controversial or appeal to a small segment of the local audience. The shows are produced in the upstairs Lab space which seats 50 people.

Play Proposal Selection guidelines:

Submissions: Proposals are solicited from January to April. The announcement of the season is made close to June 15th every year. A proposal contains the title of the play; the rights holder; a copy of the script; a budget listing the royalty and if you need a special prop or costume item; and a paragraph or two stating your concept. In your paragraph state the theme or issue(s) your play addresses.  Indicate what months, if any, you are not available to direct. You must also include an electronic copy of your theater resume and contact information.  Directors are encouraged to submit more than one play.

Casting: We prefer plays with eight or less characters since we have an intimate venue. Larger casts must be justified by other aspects of the play. Since we have many more women auditioning than men, we will favor plays that have at least as many females as males.

Roles: Lead roles must be strongly drawn characters.

Scripts: We favor scripts that deal with universal themes.  A universal theme is an idea that applies to anyone regardless of cultural differences, or geographic location. They allow the audience to connect to the story emotionally. Sample themes are a struggle toward a personal goal, a struggle with humanity, falling in love, coping with tragedy, discovering the world around us, survival, peace and war, good and evil, suffering, heroism, change versus tradition, death, man against nature and the role of women. This isn’t a complete list.

We try to perform plays that are either prize nominated plays or plays written by a prize-winning author.  Young playwrights who are just starting to make a reputation for themselves would be of interest as well.  We have also performed plays written by local authors.

Length of script: no less than 90 minutes without an intermission and no more than two and a half hours with an intermission.

Genre: The power of theater is to make you think as well as entertain.  Comedies are just as good as dramas. Musicals or musical reviews have never been tried because they generally require too much rehearsal time for a reader’s theater production. This does not, however, eliminate a show with music.

Good Story: Proposals for professionally published plays must have some proven audience appeal.  That might be a successful Broadway or Regional theater run. We might use the presence or absence of good reviews as a deciding factor.

Please find the attached proposal form and be sure to fill it out completely and pay special attention to what needs to accompany the proposal form (your theatre resume and a copy of the script(s)). Please add a budget if you need a special prop or costume item. In your paragraph make sure to mention the important issue(s) the play deals with.  It is good to be clever. This is all needed by April 16, 2019.

Thank you, Mike Aronson & Leigh Matthews Bock


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