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The Majestic Reader’s Theatre Winter Auditions Are Coming!

Open auditions for the Winter Majestic Reader’s Theatre Company performances will be held on November 6th and 7th in the Majestic Lab Theatre at 7:30pm. Scripts are available for checkout from the Business Office from 12 – 5, Wednesday through Friday. The auditions will be for the following productions:

It’s A Wonderful Life adapted by Joe Landry, directed by John Sams. Show Date and Times: December 17th at 3:00pm & 7:00pm

3 males, 3 females ensemble

George Bailey, a businessman in the small town of Bedford Falls, has led a life of sacrifice and doing good things for others. Upon the death of his father he took over the family business losing his chance to go to college and travel around the world. When $8,000 turns up missing from his business, however, he faces bankruptcy and contemplates suicide. It takes an intervention from his guardian angel, Clarence, to help George reflect upon his life and to eventually realize he’s a valuable person. The story expresses human worth and the value of human life. At the final scene there won’t be a dry eye or a cold heart left in the house. It’s the Christmas classic brought to life on stage.

One male will play George Bailey as an adult and as a child. The other two males will split the remaining 23 male roles.  One female will play Mary Bailey as an adult and as a child. The other two actresses will split the remaining 14 female roles.

Boy by Anna Ziegler, directed by Robert Leff. Show Date and Times: January 28th at 3:00pm & 7:00pm

3 males 2 females

IInspired by a true story, Anna Ziegler’s Boy explores the tricky terrain of finding love amidst the confusion of sexual identity, and the inextricable bond between a doctor and patient. In the 1960s, a well-intentioned doctor convinces the parents of a male infant to raise their son as a girl after a terrible accident. Two decades later, the repercussions of that choice continue to unfold.

Adam Turner: early/mid-20s, working class but self-educated, gentle, raw [The actor plays Samantha ages 6, 7, 11, 12]

Dr. Wendell Barnes: 40s-50s, warm and genial. He’s passionate about his work and his ideals; he’s the smartest guy in the room but tries hard not to show it.

Jenny Lafferty: Adam’s girlfriend (early-mid 20s), Jenny is a bit toughened and wary but still hoping for wonderful things, working class.

Trudy Turner: Adam’s mother (30s-40s); warm and lost and hopeful, trying to make sense of a confusing world and doing her best.

Doug Turner: Adam’s father (30s-40s), a man of not many words, working class and in over his head, just trying to get buy.

Two One Act Plays – No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre, directed by Scott Trout. Aria de Capo by Edna St. Vincent Millay, directed by Sarah Sheldrick. Show Date and Times: February 25th at 3:00pm & 7:00pm

No Exit

2 males, 2 females

No Exit, written in 1943 during the German occupation of France, is Sartre’s play about the torture that humans can direct at each other without assistance from satanic beings. It is held up as a classic example of existentialism. Human beings, through their own consciousness, create their own values and determine a meaning to their life. Strangely, Sartre’s first existentialism play deals with people who are already dead. Each of the characters enters a room that they assume to be hell but their expectations of tortures are misguided. Indeed there will be no outside interference with whatever interaction the principals determine is appropriate. And therein lies the rub. They cannot stop criticizing one another. And in a room where there is no day or night and no sleep, that is truly torture.

Valet: younger male: 18-25 age. Let’s people into their room as cordially as he can.

Garcin: middle aged male: 35-55 age range. Worked at a pacifist newspaper. Shot for being a coward.

Inez: older female: 25-40 age. Harsh in features and mannerisms. Enjoys seeing others suffer.

Estelle: younger female: 20-30 age. Pretty girl accustomed to the affections of men. Unwilling to admit the deeds she has done.

Aria Da Capo

5 actors, 1 male and 1 female – – – the other characters will not be cast by gender.

Aria Da Capo is unique in that it was supposed by most to be an anti-war statement, and yet can also be seen as a more universal portrayal of the human condition. Millay’s Aria da Capo is a one-act morality play divided into three parts. The characters are Thyrsis and Corydon, young shepherds; Pierrot, an artist; Columbine, a young woman; and Cothurnus, stage manager. Pierrot and Columbine begin by caricaturing the bohemian types Millay knew in Greenwich Village and commenting on the radical movements of the era. Then Cothurnus interrupts them so that the shepherds can come onstage and perform their pastoral scene. Cothurnus manipulates the simple and idyllic shepherds into depicting a scene in which territories are marked off, possessions are horded, and the long-time friends become enemies, filled with suspicion and greed. The play ends as it began, with Pierrot and Columbine carrying on their empty lives although now the bodies left on the stage are covered with a table cloth.

PIERROT: man, classical characterization of commedia dell’arte. Is in love with Columbine. Has a distracted luxurious feeling to his character. He has the duel role of playing the actor and the role. However, we might not be able to tell the difference. Age casting will depend on Columbine casting. (Looking for 30 years and older)

COLUMBINE: woman, classical characterization of commedia dell’arte. Is in love with macaroons and maybe, Pierrot too? She is trying to act her character as distracted and luxurious. She will also be playing the actress who has to do the scene and is annoyed with her fellow actor’s distractedness. Age casting will depend on Pierrot casting. (Looking for 40 years or older)

COTHURNUS, MASQUE OF TRAGEDY: Is the stage manager, and prompter. However, we see that this person is also manipulating the characters like puppets towards their tragic end. Will be involved in scenes even with a few lines.

THYRSIS & CORYDON: there will be some physical action, ability to move on the floor as their friendship turns into a war of natural resources. They both will have elaborate death scenes. No gender or age expectation.

Come out and audition!


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