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21-22 Play Reading Committee Applications Are Open

Despite the pandemic, we are planning for the future hear at the Majestic and that means kicking off the proposal process for the 2021-2022 season! This process starts with the recruitment of our Play Reading Committee. This group will be the entity that selects our 2021-2022 mainstage theatre season from proposals submitted by directors. The committee will be comprised of 5-7 people and will be chosen by Theatre Supervisor Jimbo Ivy with the intent of representing the wide gamut of Majestic Actors, Directors, Musicians, Crew, Donors, and Patrons. A minimum of five persons will be chosen by Theatre Supervisor Ivy from the applicants, with seven being the maximum number. Other factors involved in selection process will be a balance of age, gender, and other demographics in order to attempt to emulate our community as a whole. We are especially excited to have folx from marginalized communities apply to be on our PRC as they can help guide us to a more diverse program. Beginning as soon as proposals start coming in over the summer months and culminating in the August to October time frame, committee members will be expected to commit 5 hours per week to the following activities: - Reading submitted proposals and musical/play materials - Meeting as a group to discuss the proposals - Meeting with directors to discuss their proposals - Processing feedback from our community about proposed shows and discussing it with the other committee members. If it isn't clear, this will not be an easy task. It will be time-consuming and a lot of work. One committee member will be the committee chair and will be in charge of organizing the meetings, workflow, and over direction of the committee. Please indicate on your application if you're willing to be the chairperson. Application Deadline is April 30th, 2020. If you're interested in being on our 21-22 PRC, apply using this form. Note: Members of the PRC CANNOT propose shows. Also partners, spouses, significant others or direct family members of Play Reading Committee members cannot propose while their related person is on the committee. Committee members will be chosen each year prior to the proposal season beginning with preference towards bringing new members onto the PRC.

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