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Audition Info for Winter Reader’s Theatre Shows


Auditions will be held November 7 & 8 7:30 pm in the community room on the second floor of the Majestic Theatre. Attached is an audition form. Print it, fill it out and bring it with you to the auditions to save time. You don’t have to be present both evenings to earn a part.


Performance Date January 29, 2017

Written by Lisa Loomer; Directed by Robert Leff

What’s wrong with nine-year-old Jesse?  He can’t sit still, he curses, he raps, and you can’t get him into — or out of — pajamas.  His teacher thinks it’s ADD. Dad says, “He’s just a boy!” And Mama’s on a quest for answers.  A humane comedy – drama.

CHARACTERS (6 men, 2 men, 1 boy) MAMA: Smart, warm, wary, 30s or early 40s. An unfailingly positive person who keep her ironic sense of humor (as long as possible) and will go to any lengths to help her son.  Major role DAD: A guy’s guy, 30s or 40s, bright, with quick impulses. Working class background, designs car crashes. Easygoing — till pushed — and even then the tone of his anger is more incredulous than dark. JESSE: Funny, wild, sweet, impulsive, impatient, exuberant, angry, with a mouth on him, swears, 9. Mostly an offstage voice, but a big one. SHERRY: A well-off suburban mother who wants the very best for her kids. Covers her pain with a smile and chases it with a doughnut. NATALIE: Sherry’s daughter A teenager with big mood swings. Open-hearted and angry. A cutter. VERA: A neighbor with no people skills, obsessive-compulsive, pointed and direct. But she does try to be helpful! THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERS WILL BE DIVIDED BETWEEN 2 WOMEN AND 1 MAN. DR. ZAVALA: A child psychologist, 30s. Very sensitive, dedicated and eager to help, but a bit anxious herself.  She might be rather new at her job. MRS. HOLLY: An overworked school teacher for 22 years. Strong and straight-ahead, 40s or 50s. DR. WALLER: An educational neuropsychologist going through a hard time. CAROLYN: Mother of an autistic child. NURSE: Down-to-earth, kind, from a small town in the South. WAITRESS: Spacey. ADD. DR. DANIEL BRODER: A wise, warm, and compassionate homeopath. Laid-back, just trying to lead a healthy life in a toxic world.  Might have a New York accent. DR. JINKS: A highly respected psychiatrist. Tightly buttoned.  Might be a Brit. DR. KARNES: An environmental physician, passionate about this new science. Eastern European. ACTOR WITH ADD: Impulsive, explosive, and passionate about this medication. _______________


Performance Date February 26, 2016

Written by Ted Tally; Directed by Don Taco

In the winter of 1911-1912, five Englishmen and five Norwegians raced each other to the bottom of the earth. Only the five Norwegians returned. This is the story of the Englishmen.

A sobering and inventive look at Captain Scott’s ill-fated expedition to the South Pole, drawn from the journals and letters found with his frozen body. A study of exploration and courage, resolve and pride, motivation and destiny. Beautifully written and ultimately chilling.

Characters: Six men, one woman

Scott. “They’ll remember me, all right, for about two years, my name on some bloody little plaque in the fifth-floor lavatory at the Admiralty.” Amundsen. “Think of the details.” Kathleen. “You know the place, right along where the river flows into the sea.” Bowers. “Scoff all you want, my lad, but this theory of mine explains many puzzling and wondrous things.” Wilson. “Gentlemen, I’ve one last cigar that I’d been saving for this day . . . And I say, to hell with the Norskers, I’m going to smoke it anyway.” Oates. “I’m a soldier, aren’t I? And all a soldier needs to know is his duty.” Evans. “I thought it’d be worth a hand for that – to go to the Pole. To be one of the first.”



Performance Date March 26, 2017

Written by Susan Sandler; Directed by Leigh Matthews Bock

Comedy, 3 Female, 2 Male roles

Isabel is a modern young woman who lives alone and works in a book shop. When she is not pining after a handsome author, she is visiting her grandmother (Bubbe) in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. This irascible granny and her friend the matchmaker have found a “good catch” for Isabel, whose initial reluctance gives way to a blossoming romance when she finally meets Sam, the pickle vendor as the end of the play offers a new beginning.

Isabelle Grossman: Female Lead: single, works at a prestigious independent bookstore, plenty of friends, and a handsome local author to dream about Sam Posner: Male Lead: pleasant and unassuming, Sam runs his own pickle stand on the Lower East Side Bubbie Kantor: a strong-minded, fiercely loving, traditional Jewish grandmother Tyler Moss: the handsome local author Isabelle dreams about Hannah Mandelbaum: marriage broker

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