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Congratulations to the cast of our upcoming production of Elf the Musical. We are so excited to see this wonderful cast perform.

The Elf Team was so happy with our audition turnout! We had so many amazing actors and singers! It was heartwarming to see so many of our community members participating in the arts by supporting the mission of the Majestic Theatre. Thank you! We would have loved to cast you all. Unfortunately, that is not possible. If you are not on our cast list, don't be discouraged from auditioning again in the future. It may be that we just had too many wonderful people to choose from, or that you weren't short enough to be an elf (Ha, ha!) - The Elf Team

Real Santa/Fake Santa 6/Swing Walter: Patrick Moser, Jason Young (swing)

Mrs. Santa/Swing Deb: Dee Dee Hughes, Cherie Gullerud (swing)

Buddy: Shea White-Toney, TBD (swing)

Walter: Pat Chappel, Patrick Moser (swing)

Emily: Vanessa Nicholson, Crystal Well (swing)

Michael: Griffin Young, Theo Ueng (swing)

Jovie: Ashleigh Barbeau, Madison Pierson (swing)

Macy's Manager: Audrey Bader, Jamie Sims (swing)

Deb/Spanish Carol Singer: Catalina Contreras-Colin, DeeDee Hughes (swing)

Greenway:TBD, TBD (swing)

Greenway's Lackey (N.S.): TBD

Matthews/Fake Santa 4: Ryan Alward, Gerogie Merbeck (swing)

Chadwick: Beth Crawford, Lizzie Shumway (swing)

Samantha/Swing Chadwick: Lizzie Shumway

Janice/Macy's Customer/Swing Emily: Crystal Well

Jane/Lia (Waitress Chinese Restaurant): Gabriella Valdez

Security Guard 1 - Pat/Spanish Carol Singer: Nancy Contreras-Colin, Gabriella Valdez (swing)

Security Guard 2 – Leslie: Kristin Wirtz, August Slamp (swing)

NYPD - O'Shaunessy/Tony (Macy's Elf)/Chaad - Camera operator: Anthony Benson, Jonah Smith (swing)

NYPD - Santiago/Mr Narwhal/Belle (Macy's Elf): Belle Anway, Alex Henriques (swing)

Charlie the Elf/Swing Michael: Theo Ueng, Neil Yeh-Crawford (swing)

Tiara The Elf: Freya Harte, Cady Quaka (swing)

Elf 1 – Jingles: Bennett Smith

Elf 2 - Bobo/Dobby (walk by)/Swing Charlie the Elf: Neil Yeh-Crawford

Elf 3 - Tinkles/Swing Ginnie Gimme (Santa Child): Andrew Sims

Child Elf – Sprinkles: Lucy Marcum

Ginger/Swing Tiara the Elf: Cady Quaka

Noel: Emma Marcum

Feliz the Elf/Spanish Carol Singer: Chanel Sarmiento Contreras

Glitter: Cassidy "Carter" Seltzer

Joy: Eila Howe

Falala the Elf/Macy's Customers and Children: Fololo Mapendo Beatty

Cookie the Elf/Macy's Customers and Children: Ariel Ninevah Beatty

Mack (NYC)/Fake Santa 2/Janitor: Ezra Shumway

Joe Athlete (NYC): Alex Henriques

Flyer Fran (NYC)/Emma Van Brocklin/Ice Rink Dancers: Andrea Chu

Flyer Phil (NYC)/David Lambert: August Slamp

Ms. All Business/Swing Macy's Manager: Jaime Sims

Strolling Stella (NYC): Sarah Harkin

Phone Weasel (NYC)/Legolas (walk by): Jonah Smith

Mary Kay (Macy's): Georgie Merback

Mona Money (Macy's): Livia Russell

Moira Cash (Macy's): Lydia Fairchild

Mama Mia (Santa Parent): Diane Slamp

Ginnie Gimme (Santa Child): Audrey Badizadegan, Andrew Sims (swing)

Holly (Macy's Elf): Althea Gdontakis-Pos

Carol (Macy's Elf)/Ice Rink Dancers: Sarah Hovermale

Macy's Customers: Cleo Sandler

and Children: Annika Howe, Nora Well, Wren Well, Abigail Sims

Macy's Customer and Children/Salvation Army Bell Ringer: Kevin Ramirez Munoz

Macy's Santa/Fake Santa 1: Jason Young

Charlotte (Newscaster)/Swing Jovie: Madison Pierson

Central Park Crowd: TBD in rehearsal

Elf the Musical will be presented live and in-person at the Majestic Theatre. The price is on a sliding scale; you can pick what you pay for tickets. Suggested prices range from $11 to $21 dollars. A $2.00 processing fee will be added to all tickets purchased online. You can also purchase tickets by calling the Business Office at 541-758-7827.


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