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CAST LIST ANNOUNCEMENT! Majesticpiece Theatre Presents: Sherlock Holmes

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

We've solved our first mystery - who will be performing in our upcoming Sherlock Holmes production! Congratulations to the cast. We are eager to see how this mystery unfolds.

Watson - Jason Caffarella

Forman - Carolyn Poutasse

Madge - Ellie Smith

Larabee - Andrew Freborg

Terese/Mrs. Smeedley - Jennifer Moody

Prince - Ralph Turley

Alice - Ariel Hicks

Holmes - Martha Benson

Moriarty - Andrew Laniohan

Bassick - Brandon Urey

Billy - Kristin Wirtz

Leary/Von Stalburg - Nancy Homan

McTague/Parsons - Pat Purdue

Craigin/Sir Edward - Karlissa Jones

Backup Actor #1 - Rose Taylor

Backup Actor #2 - Alex Asher Director - Ryan McWayne


See this LIVE performance February 13 at 7:30pm.

Tickets: $0-$5-$10 at



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