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CAST LIST ANNOUNCEMENT! Sunday Showcase of New Plays Thesbian Tendencies: Three Short Plays

These three short plays are by playwright Allison Fradkin.

Anne Then Some

In Anne Then Some, you are raspberry cordially invited to Prince Edward Island, home of carrot-top-of-the-line literary heroine Anne Shirley and her bosom friend Diana Barry. These kindred spirits have some contemporary company: Vernie and Cori, teenage visitors who meet for the first time while having a field day at Field Day at Green Gables Heritage Place. Is it love at first “site”?

Cori: Lauren Stalford

Vernie: Valerie Asbell

It Ain't Over Til the Pink Lady Sings

In It Ain’t Over Til the Pink Lady Sings, when Marva—a performer who’s part ingénue, part dreamgirl next door—desires a duet with Winifred, her BFF onstage and off, she has no idea how to go about going from Pink Lady to Pink Lady friend. Will the entrance of Francine, a triply threatening romantic rival, prompt Marva to act on her feelings before the curtain closes on her chances?

Marva: BreAnna Manassa

Francine: Amy Edwards

Winnifred: Ellie Smith

Not Your Average Jo

Finally, in Not Your Average Jo, when South Bend Blue Sox teammates Josephine and Penny develop a war bond of their own, it’s hardly the kind the government—let alone the League—had in mind. Will the gals take a crack at a romance that, like a baseball, won’t be seamless? Or will they take the base path of least resistance and prioritize the game over the dame?

Josephine: Aranea Push

Penny: Madison Shirley


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December 6 at 2:30 PM



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