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Cast Lists for Winter Reader’s Theatre Shows

It’s a Wonderful Life directed by John Sams December 17, 2017

Jake Laurents     Jason Seivers Freddie Filmore     Joshua Burlock Willie Kurtz     Dick Weinman Harry ‘Jazzbo’ Heywood     Michael Wren Ray Gordon     Bill McCarthy Sally Applewhite     Leslie Glassmire Lana Sherwood     Sabra Parrish Hope Merriwether      Wendy McCoy Foley Artist     Kimberly Strong

Boy directed by Robert Leff January 28, 2018

Adam Turner    Robert Best Jenny Lafferty     Kelsea Ashenbrenner Dr. Wendell Barnes    Rob Otrembiak Trudy Turner      Karen Wohlwend Doug Turner      Pat Leathrum

No Exit directed by Scott Trout February 25, 2018

Cradeau     Michael Winder Estelle     Bernadette Bascom Inez     Harriet Owen-Nixon Boy    Austin McClister

Aria Da Capo directed by Sarah Sheldrick February 25, 2018

Pierrot      Craig Currier Columbine    Wendy McCoy Cothurnus    Michael Wren Thyrsis      Minato Holman Corydon      Sophia Bethel

For interested people, Robert Leff is teaching DIRECTING FOR COMMUNITY THEATRE beginning January 15th.  This link will provide detailed information about the class.


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