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Corvallis Access Media is coming to the Majestic!

In June 2016 the City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation department and the Majestic Theatre agreed to take over the Corvallis Community Access Television program, which had previously been managed by Corvallis High School. The program, whose aim it is to create training, support, and access opportunity for community filmmakers and video enthusiasts, had suffered from access issues due to being on a high school campus and a general lack of utilization by community members. In 2015 Corvallis High School announced that they needed the CCAT space for additional classroom space and thus the program would need to move or end. After a year of searching for a new home for the program, The Majestic Theatre has agreed to take on this exciting addition to what we do. Redubbed Corvallis Access Media (CAM), we will be rebuilding the program from the ground up.

Some might ask, “But why? Don’t we have enough going on already?”

  1. Because it’s another opportunity for us to provide training, support, and organization for a performance based community arts initiative, which is our primary mission.

  2. Because with CAM comes capital upgrades to our building’s lighting, sound, and infrastructure to accommodate its needs. These upgrades will significantly improve the quality and efficiency of our theatre for all of our programs.

  3. Because it’s another way in which our current volunteer base can perform, express themselves, and enrich our community with their talents.

Local filmmaker and community organizer Trev DeTal has been hired as the Community Access Coordinator for CAM and will be scheduling public forums in the coming month at which community members can tell us what they want CAM to be and how they would like it to function. Stay tuned to the Majestic website and social media outlets to find out more about CAM, or email Trev directly to express your interest in being a part of the conceptualization phase of this exciting new program at The Majestic!



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