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Disney’s The Little Mermaid Final Cast List

Director Timothy John Kelley II and his team for The Majestic Theatre’s Fall production of The Little Mermaid have announced their cast! Huge thanks to all the folks who auditioned for this show and all of the volunteers that supported the auditions. Mark your calendars for November 3-19, 2017 for our production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid!


Ariel Bianca Robison Abigail Spear, understudy

Prince Eric Jakob Holden

Ursula (Double Cast) Kelley Marchbanks & Bryony DuPont

Flounder (Double Cast) Janessa Minta & Emma Nichols

Scuttle Chad Howard

Windward Teza Ross

Leeward Hudson O'Malley

King Triton Aaron Marchbanks

Sebastian Jacob Birchard

Flotsam Rebecca Douglas

Jetsam Kellie McMahan

Grimsbsy Ted Wade

Chef Louis Spencer Mair

PILOT Travis Hubbird

Sailors/Chefs/Sea Creatures/Adult Ensemble Spencer Mair Jeremy Urann David Kimdon Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez Luis Acosta George Walker Travis Hubbird Carson Davis Logan Utter

Mersisters/Contest Princesses Carolyn Poutasse (Andrina) Samantha Johnson (Aquata) Drew May (Allana) Sarah Hubbird (Arista) Sheri Jones (Atina) Bailey Filley (Adela)

Adult Ensemble/Maids/Sea Creatures Kasper O'Neill Bernadette Feyerherm Kristin Wirtz Jo Judge Wendy McLaren Mercedes Elise Mendez

Children's Chorus/Fish/Gulls Elliette Barlow FISH/GULL Arbor Kimdon FISH/GULL Aria Kimdon FISH/GULL Michaela Mueller FISH/GULL Reese Pifer FISH/GULL Lola Starcerich FISH/GULL Analeigh Eva Sims FISH/GULL Rhiannon Gudge FISH/GULL Abigail Gallup BLOWFISH

Congratulations to the cast of the Majestic Theatre Fall production of Disney's The Little Mermaid!


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