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  • Jimbo Ivy

Looking Forward to Next Season

Spring is here and we're starting to look beyond our current season and on to the next. As such, we'll need your help! We're starting the recruitment for the Play Reading Committee (PRC) that will help us select our 2021-2022 Majestic Readers' Theatre Company season. What does the Play Reading Committee do? Well, they read the plays and decide which ones we should do for our next season. We're wanting to have as diverse a group as possible with regard to experience, interests, and background on the committee. So whether you've only ever watched our shows or you're veteran techie, we want your voice represented on our committee! If you're interested in being on our PRC, click this link to learn more and apply! In addition to the folx that apply, we'll also have representation from our Majestic staff and our Majestic Theatre Diversity Council to help ensure we have as much representation as possible in the decisions made about our shows.

In addition to our Majestic Readers' Theatre Company season, during the 21-22 season we will begin to reschedule some of our shows that were cancelled during the last year. These shows will be announced later this Spring and will hopefully occur in the Winter and Spring of 2022. During the Summer and Fall, we'll be doing the same thing we've been doing for the last year: adapting and evolving in a slow and safe manner. This Spring as we hopefully continue to see a drop in case counts and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) updates their guidance, we will resume in-person filming of productions that are then watched at home by our patrons. Over the Summer, we hope to develop and test our process for our hybrid model of both limited in-person seating and streaming. As the Fall progresses into Winter 2022, we hope to be able to slowly work our way up to full capacity and back to something like our normal processes, but only if it conforms to OHA guidelines and the safety of our staff, volunteers, and patrons is assured. We have a long road ahead as we recover, rebuild, and innovate our programming together. But we can do it.

Because we are Majestic.

Jimbo Ivy

Theatre Supervisor

Corvallis Parks and Recreation


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