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Majestic Community Collaborations and Portland Revels present Rancho Trinidad

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Rancho Trinidad

Con el Coro de la Comunidad Portland Revels 2023 / A Majestic Community Collaboration with Portland Revels

Por/By Yasmin Ruvalcaba Saludado Dirigida por/Directed by Sophina Flores Directora di Música/Music Director: Lynn Mendoza-Khan June 11 at 3:00pm This event is free! Tickets are available for free at The Majestic Theatre box office, the OSU Multicultural Center, and Casa Latinos Unidos. You can call our box office to have some tickets set aside for you to pick up.

Rancho Trinidad is a new play by Yasmin Ruvalcaba Saludado about land, family, and community. The piece includes a community chorus and is interactive with the audience. Although the piece is set in Mexico, it is primarily in English.

Maribel finds herself back at her abuelo’s rancho, now a stranger in a place she used to consider her home. As she mourns the passing of her abuelo, she must also decide what to do with the rancho her abuelo has now left in her hands. Why did he choose her? What does she know about life on the rancho? How does she honor the stories of this place? What will she do? Community, storytelling, love and legacy guide us through the story of Maribel and Rancho Trinidad.

Maribel se encuentra de regreso en el rancho de su abuelo, ahora desconectada a un lugar que solía considerar su hogar. Mientras lamenta la muerte de su abuelo, también debe lidiar con el rancho que su abuelo le dejó. ¿Por qué la eligió a ella? ¿Qué sabe ella de la vida en el rancho? ¿Cómo honra las historias que fueron? ¿Qué decidirá hacer?

Comunidad, cuentos, amor y nuestros antepasados nos guían a través de la historia de Maribel y Rancho Trinidad.

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