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Majestic Reader’s Theatre Cast Lists Announced!

From our friends at Majestic Reader’s Theatre:

We just finished the most successful audition for reader’s theater in three years.  Three directors placed 19 actors into roles.  Once again I want to tell everyone how appreciative we are for the people who attend auditions.  Our fourth year will be very successful. Be watching for volunteer position announcements for these productions and others.

– Mike Aronson, Director of the Majestic Reader’s Theatre program

FAHRENHEIT 451, Sept 25, 2016

Montag: Guy Wilkins Beatty: Jodi Altendorf Mildred: Pamela Bilderbeck Clarisse: Lucia Alvarez Leroy Faber: Richard Weinman Mrs Hudson/Voice: Angeliki De Morgan Black: Mathew Huffman Holden/2nd Paramedic: Joshua Burlock Helen/1st Paramedic: Mishele Mennett Alice: Nancy Collins

Talk Radio, October 23, 2016

Barry Champlain: Rob Otrembiak Spike: Chad Howard Linda MacArthur: Mischa Brittin Dan Woodruff: Mathew Huffman Sidney Greenberg: Don Taco Bernie: Josh Burlock Kent: Rory McDaniel Dr. Susan Fleming: Mishele Mennett Rachael: Nancy Collins Callers: Don Taco, Josh Burlock, Mishele Mennett, Shaznin Daruwala, Maureen Frank

The Man From Earth, November 27, 2016

John: Rory McDaniel

Dan: Chad Howard Harry: Chris Kargel Edith: Angeliki De Morgan Sandy: Mischa Brittin Art: Rob Otrembiak Linda: Nikki Hill Gruber: Don Taco

Congratulations to all of our Reader’s Theatre casts and mark your calendars for these exciting plays coming up this Fall with Majestic Reader’s Theatre!

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