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Majestic Readers' Theatre Company Spring Cast Lists

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Congrats to the casts of the Spring 2020 Majestic Readers' Theatre Company shows!


March 28-29 2020

An Irish time-traveling love story.

Directed by Mike Aronson

Caithleen: Jessica Andrade

Robert: Michael Wren

Cait: Kathie O'Brien

Nikolai Kassatkin: Robbie

Dear Elizabeth

April 25-26 2020

A play in letters from Elizabeth Bishop to Robert Lowell and back again.

Directed by Robert Leff


ROBERT LOWELL: Nicolai Kassatkin

Don't Talk to the Actors

May 30-31 2020

A meta theatre comedy with divas and dramatics.

Directed by Maxine Agather

Jerry Przpezniak: Nikolai Kassatkin

Arlene Wyniarski: Jessica Andrade

Lucinda Shaw: Laurie Mason

Mike Polizek: Shaun Hearn

Beatrice Pomeroy: Deborah Wren

Curt Logan: Cliff Feldman

Thanks to all who came out and we'll see you at the shows!

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