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MCT PROPOSAL - Seven Keys To Baldpate

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Seven Keys To Baldpate, by George M. Cohan

Proposed by director Michael Wren

Play Synopsis

Novelist Billy Magee makes a bet with a wealthy friend that he can write a 10,000 word story within 24 hours. He retires to a summer mountain resort named Baldpate Inn, in the dead of winter, and locks himself in, believing he has the sole key. However he is visited during the night by a rapid succession of other people (melodrama stock types), including a corrupt politician, a crooked cop, a hermit, a feisty girl reporter, a gang of criminals, etc., none of whom have any trouble getting into the remote inn—there appear to be seven keys to Baldpate.

Magee gets no work done, instead being drawn into the hijinks of the other visitors. He eventually foils a plot by the crooks to steal money from the hotel safe that is earmarked for a city street railroad deal, and he falls in love with the reporter. He observes derisively that all of these complicated incidents and characters are ones that he has written over and over again. Just before midnight, he finds out that everyone is an actor hired to perpetrate a hoax, orchestrated by Magee's friend to keep him from completing the story.

Vision Statement

This is a wacky comedy thriller. The dialogue reminds me of the Marx Brothers. It is a one set show with quick repartee. I see it as a dark comedy.

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