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MDT 30 Spring Celebration of Dance

MDT 30 is a milestone concert for so many reasons. First, we managed to keep dancing through a pandemic! The dances we have created seek to examine our thoughts and emotions, social structures, our government, our humanity. Through necessity we have explored how to dance together without touching or staying too close, while remaining connected.

Most of our new dances began on zoom, where we had to move from the “inside”, at home in small spaces; practiced in parks, rehearsed for hours masked in a studio, and now danced on the stage.

MDT’S six Advanced Performance dancers are dancing in eight different dances.

The concert opens with the powerful Greetings from Quarantine. Filmed in part from the dancer’s homes; the piece combines the dancer’s own words and movements sharing thoughts and feelings we’ve all experienced during this pandemic, along with evocative group choreography on stage to cello music by Julia Kent.

Other new works from Artistic Director Donna Blatt Ervin include Paradigm Shift to music from iconic rock musician