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My Son Pinocchio Cast and Crew List Announced!

My Son Pinocchio Cast and Student Crew


Geppetto: Thomas Guenther

Pinocchio: Reese Pifer

The Blue Fairy: Annelise Benson

Viola: Ella Boesch

Rosa: Annikka Howe

Arancia: Kyoria Dorres

Sue: Cecilia Chapman

Stromboli: Georgie Rose Merback

Right Marionette: Sebastian Guenther

Left Marionette: Kezi Hirsch

Professore Buonragazzo: Sarah Hovermale

Junior Buonragozzo: Quynn Neilly

Ring Leader: Lily Travelstead

Senora Giovanni: Madison Cook-Baron

Bernardo: Marcus Musch

Maria: Samantha Kelley

Perfect Talia: Freya Mackenzie Hart

Perfect Johnny: Ryan Staben

Perfect Ronny: Adam Franks

Spoiled Children and Illyria Perfect Children:

Andrew Rauch Amaris Ellsworth Adam Franks Amalia Eschwey Eila Howe Ryan Staben Kalea Andreas Marisol Eschwey Maddie Ridling Ava Stroppel

Care-Worn, Resigned Parents of Spoiled Children:

Fiona O’Daniel-Reynolds Kai Hoogesteger Althea Pos Keira Jackson Calder Malone Mira Batti Belle Anway Linley Henson Quincy Sahnow Jordan Taylor Lily Travelstead

Delinquents and Roustabouts of Pleasure Island:

Marcus Musch Mira Batti Andrew Rauch Adam Franks Ryan Staben Fiona O’Daniel-Reynolds Quincy Sahnow Madison Cook-Barron Sarah Hovermale Sophia Emery Ava Stroppel Kai Hoogesteger Althea Pos Kiera Jackson Calder Malone


Amalia Eschey Amaris Ellsworth Eila Howe Kalea Andreas Maddie Ridling Jordan Taylor Belle Anway Samantha Kelley Quynn Neilly Marisol Eschwey Linley Henson

Tech Crew

Bing Chung Oliver Kurth Anders Nikolas Pos

This cast is subject to change if circumstances require it. Vocal solos in the group songs will be chosen when camp begins.


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