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Call for Submissions:


Artists of the Corvallis community are invited to submit one of their works to the Majestic gallery for our August Community Art Exhibition, entitled Ordinary Meets Extraordinary.

We welcome visual works juxtaposing the mundane aspects of everyday human reality with divine, magical, mythological and/or religious deities, figures and characters. Imagine a crowded city bus, a disgruntled bus driver, with seats occupied by werewolves, vampires, and wizards. Or an elderly woman sat at her kitchen table, holding a rosary as she hosts a tea party with her favorite Catholic Saints. Or the greek goddess Athena leaning on a shopping cart as she waits in line at the grocery store. Or perhaps a gaggle of mermaids, perched upon a rock, reading books and smoking cigarettes. Our mission is to showcase the personal sensibilities and creative capabilities of our beloved local artists and provide an opportunity for imaginations to run wild. Please contact Gabriela Oh and Lauren Daisley at to reserve a space in the show.

How to get space in this show: Starting from the open call announcement, people can contact to reserve a space in the show.

Open Call End Date: July 29th at 5pm

Submission dates: August 2nd & 3rd, 2016 between noon-5pm

Exhibition dates: August 4th- September 12, 2016

Art pick up date: Tuesday, September 13th from Noon-5pm

Reception Date: Thursday, August 18th from 5-8pm during the Corvallis Arts Walk.


The Majestic Theatre holds a series of community art shows throughout the year. We invite local artists and members of the community to drop off one work of art to be hung in our South Lobby Gallery as part of our shows. There is no entry fee or jury process. Simply bring an original work that meets the requirements below and we will hang your piece.

  1. Artwork must be 100% ready to hang or display with appropriate hanging mechanism. We do not frame artwork.

  2. Artwork must not exceed 24 inches in any direction or 15 pounds.

  3. Artwork must be dropped off and picked up during the designated times. We do not store artwork.

  4. Artwork must be accompanied by a completed submission form.

  5. Artwork must be relevant to the theme: artworks depicting the juxtaposition of the ordinary and extraordinary

Due to our limited gallery space, we will only be able to accommodate between 15-20 pieces per show, so space in the show will be based on a first come basis. Please contact Gabriela Oh and Lauren Daisley at  if you have any questions about the requirements.


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