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Readers' Theatre and COVID-19

A note from Majestic Readers' Theatre Company's Mike Aronson:

The productions of Bloomsday and Dear Elizabeth have been postponed and will be rescheduled for later in the year, sometime between June and December. In the unlikely event that the Majestic Theatre reopens on May 1st, Don’t Talk to the Actors will perform as scheduled. If the Majestic closure is extended to May 31st, Don’t Talk to the Actors will be postponed and rescheduled for later next year. Each Director will decide if their show must be recast when their new performance date is announced.

In the unlikely event that the Majestic Theatre reopens on May 1st the auditions for Putting it Together and ‘night, Mother will happen on the originally scheduled dates but by appointment only so the room will only hold the auditioner, director, assistant director and, for Putting it Together, a piano player.

If the building closure is extended to May 31st, auditions for Putting it Together and night, Mother will happen via video.

In either event, the performance of 26 Pebbles has been canceled and will not be performed this season.

The Director of Putting it Together, Michael Wren, has made sound files of a few of the songs from the play available and you can find them in separate links per role below. An auditioner can also obtain the files by sending an email to Michael at You can use the files to practice at home before your audition. In that email, also give several suggestions when you are available to conference with Michael. On audition day, Michael and the singer connect on the Majestic's Zoom account at a scheduled time. Michael will only send the Zoom invitation to the people who requested it. It will not be a public meeting. Michael does not have to hear the piano music sound file. It will play on somebodies’ phone or computer in the same room as the auditioner. If the audio connection is good, Michael will be able to hear the singer's voice and make his selections. The deadline for submitting requests for audition appointments is 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 5th. Michael will notify his selected cast via email.

The Director of ‘night, Mother, Dan Simmons, has six pages of dialog available for download. They are available in two formats, .doc and .pdf and they can be found at this link. Auditioners should download the script pieces and record themselves reading the parts using a smartphone or the camera on a computer. Email to Dan at either the video file or a link to your file. The deadline for submitting your file or link is 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 5th. Dan will notify his selected cast via email.

Since the selections from the script are dialogs, the auditioners should have someone read the other lines off-camera. If an auditioner does not have someone to read the other lines, the actor can either pause silently or just plow ahead with their next line. You can submit as many of the sides as you wish, a minimum of two. Dan wants to hear the auditioner’s voice and reading ability. He wants to see the ability to convey meaning. No Southern accent is necessary. Dan requests that you do not play Mama as stupid or Jessie as outwardly depressed or as a sad sack.

The directors are ready to receive your submissions. You don’t have to wait until May to audition.

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