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The Lyons

Majestic Reader’s Theatre presents

The Lyons

by Nicky Silver

Directed by John Elliott

July 26 • 3pm & 7pm

Tickets: Adults $10, Members/Seniors/Students $8

THE LYONS starts in a hospital room. As Ben Lyons lies dying, his wife of forty years, Rita, flips through decorating magazines, planning a living room make-over. “I know you won’t actually be there to enjoy it, but I’d like to think you’d like it.” It’s clear Ben and Rita have been at war for many years, and that Ben’s impending demise has brought no relief. When they’re joined by their children, Lisa and Curtis, all efforts at a pleasant visit or a sentimental goodbye to the dying patriarch are soon abandoned. Terrible secrets and vicious accusations replace sentimental memories. In Act Two we follow Curtis. His desperate attempt to make a new connection ends so disastrously that the remaining Lyons are reunited at the hospital. We watch as each of them take the first tentative steps toward new human connection.

Cast List: Rita – Johanna Spencer Curtis – Rus Roberts Ben – Craig Currier Lisa – Tamara Alba Nurse – Shani Daruwala Brian – Chad Howard


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