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Majestic Reader’s Theatre Company Spring Cast Lists

From Majestic Reader’s Theatre Artistic Director Mike Aronson:

Think Twice April 30, 2017 by Ayn Rand Directed by Jeannette Miller

Walter Breckenridge:     James Woomer Curtiss:                             Wendy McCoy Serge Sookin:                    Bob Greenwade Harvey Fleming:              Robert Best Tony Goddard:                Nathan Hermanson Steve Ingalls:                    Scott Trout Billy Breckenridge:         Andy Craig Flash Kozinsky:                Rob Malcomb Adrienne Knowland:     Maxine Agather Helen Breckenridge:       Bernadette Bascom Gregory Hastings:           Maureen Frank Dixon:                               Don Taco

Why Torture is Wrong, And the People Who Love Them May 28, 2017 by Christopher Durang Directed by John Elliott

Felicity                                Laura Blackwell Zamir                                 Gary Prince Luella                                 Leslie Glassmire Leonard                             Don Taco Hildegarde                        Bernadette Bascom Voice/Looney Tunes/Maitre d’  Dorrie Board Reverend Mike.                 Nik Kassatkin

Congratulations to these casts and be sure to get your tickets for these excellent shows!

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