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Updated: Nov 14, 2022

SCAR, Book and Lyrics by Brian Watkins, Music by Suzannah Doyle, Orchestrations by Richard Emmet

Directed by Brian Watkins

Music Direction by Patrick Gross

Vocal Direction by Suzannah Doyle

Play Synopsis

SCAR is set in a fantasy land where three species share the same country in uneasy tension: The Free Cats, the Rat Gang and the Humans of Avenwood. A young fighter of the Free Cats is convicted of violating Cat Law and is not only exiled, but is sentenced to live half her life as the lowliest of Humans by day and as a Cat by night, never sleeping, and wandering with nowhere to go. The scars she received in a battle where she won her name were a badge of honor as a Free Cat but set her apart as someone to be looked down upon among Humans.

Prince Frederick of Montaigne is also an exile. After he and Scar meet up back-to-back fighting off some Rats, they travel to Avenwood Castle where he obtains a position as Captain of the Guard and Scar gets a job as a scrub maid. Avenwood is on alert as the Rats are becoming bolder, the Royal Astrologer is making confusing predictions and the King and Queen are looking for a Prince for their lovely but headstrong daughter.

Vision Statement

SCAR is a new musical fantasy, set in a land where Cats, Rats, and Humans struggle to survive. Completely original, the story centers around a warrior of the Free Cats who is condemned to live half her life as a Human, changing every day. Family-friendly, yet powerful and dramatic, SCAR will grab the audience and make them care passionately about her fate. A large cast of youth and adults, with different skills, provides opportunities for a wide range of the community to participate, including some who have never been in a show at The Majestic. Multiple workshops have told us that Corvallis audiences are hungry for something new, that isn't just a movie or book adaptation, where they already know what's going to happen. Our most frequent questions have been: "When is this going on?", followed by: "Can I be in it?" See the links to explore the world of SCAR and share our vision!

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2 則留言


I want to see this! Great collection of Northwest talent! And amazing music!



Yay! I've been looking forward to seeing SCAR on the stage ever since going to a reading. I'm really happy to see it on the proposals list. The music is gorgeous and the story is very fun and heartwarming.

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