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MCT Proposal - SCAR

Book and Lyrics by Brian Watkins,

Music by Suzannah Doyle,

Orchestrations by Richard Emmet

Directed by Brian Watkins

Music direction by Patrick Gross

Play Synopsis

The new musical SCAR tells the powerful story of an exiled Free Cat who is forced to live as a Human by day and a Cat by night. Scar wanders a magic-ravaged land where Cats, Rats, and Humans are on the verge of war.

The drama builds as the less-than-skilled Rats are becoming bolder, the Royal Astrologer is making confusing predictions, and the King and Queen are looking for a Prince for their lovely but headstrong daughter.

This is an all-original, full-length musical, with an Adult/Youth or All-Youth large cast, geared towards High Schools or community theaters. SCAR is orchestrated for a full pit; a high-quality performance track is also available for use.

Vision Statement

SCAR is an original fantasy, set in a land where Cats, Rats, and Humans struggle to survive. Scar, an exiled warrior of the Free Cats, is condemned to live half her life as a despised Human. Our workshops have shown us that family audiences are hungry for something new that isn't just another adaptation of a book or movie. The show is powerful, exciting, and dramatic, and suitable for all ages. Those who've read the script and listened to the music have told us over and over that they want to see it on stage here, and many of them want to be in it! Two reasons why The Majestic needs SCAR for the 24-25 season: It's time for a truly family-friendly main-season show to be on this stage again.

SCAR has 14 leads and three ensembles (Cats, Rats, and Humans). We planned the show so that there's a wide range of skill sets involved. No one needs to be a "triple threat" performer in this show, the fantasy world is very non-specific and the rehearsal load will be lower than most musicals. We specifically want to bring in as wide a community as possible here. This is a big show that is a great opportunity for all those people who have always wanted to be in a musical at The Majestic, but were intimidated by what they can do and how much time they have. We especially want to see families involved, much as last year's production of Elf did. The larger the community involved at The Majestic, the more The Majestic will thrive!

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