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Meet the Cast: The Sweet Delilah Swim Club

We are so excited to have this talented cast. You can see this performance premiering on January 30th at 7:30pm and streaming through February 1st at 11:30pm. Tickets available at

Meet the cast of The Sweet Delilah Swim Club:

Dorrie Board (Dinah) – Veteran actress Dorrie Board joins us on the cyber-space boards after playing major roles in the Odd Couple (Female Version) and Ada and the Engine in 2018.

Diane Edwards Slamp (Sheree) – Diane Edwards Slamp was last seen as Drama Coach Gwen Dorway in November’s production of Women Playing Hamlet. She also had roles in the Majesticpiece Theater productions of Seven Keys to Baldpate and The Zygloom Conundrum.

Cathy Willoughby (Lexie) – This is the first MRTC performance for Cathy Willoughby. Her recent roles include Pat Nixon in Tea for Three at Gallery Theater in McMinnville, Rose in Enchanted April at Keizer Homegrown Theater, and Belle in the short film, East of a Dream, shown at the 2020 McMinnville Short Film Festival.

Sarah Sullivan (Jerri Neal) – This is Sarah Sullivan’s first acting role for the Company when she has been involved so many times in costuming our shows. She performed a lot in high school and college shows and in the spring of 2018, she was Charlotte Lucas in ACT’s production of Pride and Prejudice .

Kathie O’Brien (Vernadette) – Kathie O’Brien followed up roles in our seventh season in On the Verge and Stop Kiss by playing Cait in the October production of Bloomsday.



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