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PROPOSAL - Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice

Direction and Vocal Direction by: Richard Wagner

Music Direction by: Ray Drapek

Vision Statement

It's also known as the Greatest Story Ever Told. Christianity is the largest religion in the world, as well as the largest religion in Corvallis. Jesus Christ Superstar will be liked and well-attended regardless of an individual's personal religion. I have done several performances of it as a singing actor, and I liked it more with each performance.

There will be a four or five-piece rock band situated stage left backstage rather than in the pit. While they will not be visible to the audience or the performers, the style of music will not require a visible conductor once the actors are familiar enough with the music. 

The set will consist of a long platform about three feet high in the shape of an off-kilter cross, which will provide levels for the actors. While the cross shape won’t be consciously visible to the audience, the shape will provide resonance. There may be a need for some stairs and a moveable, taller platform, but everything will be very minimal. The focus is the music.

The one big setpiece moment will be the crucifixion of Jesus. While the ideal would be to have the cross start on the stage floor with Jesus lying on top of it, then slowly raise into the air via the fly system, if that’s not possible, it could be staged in another way.

Costumes will be similarly very simple: the sandals and robes associated with traditional nativity plays. This will provide a nice contrast to the style of the music.

Lighting needs mostly consist of periodic use of spotlights. 

Roles will be cast solely on vocal quality and ability.


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