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Terry Pratchett’s Mort Cast List


Director John Carone and his crew are proud to announce the following casting for their production of Terry Pratchett’s Mort:

Brian Tighe- Mort

Joshua Burlock- Death

Julia Edgerton-Ysabell

Asia Lederer- Princess Keli

Nikolai Kassatkin- Cutwell, a wizard

Cory Myers- Duke of Sto Helit

Michelle Walker- Mum, Chamberlain, and Bursar

Rachel Kohler- Keeble and Town Crier

Craig Currier- Albert

Todd Greeley- Rincewind and Yeoman

Alycia Olivar- Door Knocker and Prince

Hannah Carter- Assassin and Acolyte

Nancy Homan- Harga and Maid

Pat Leathrum- Lezek and Landlords

Terry Ravlin- King and MC

Wolfgang Dengler- High Priest and Abbot Lobsang

Maddie Price- Handmaiden and Talkative Drinker

Leslie Meyrovich- Goodie Hamstring and Woman

Maxine Agather- Hrita and Vizier

Congrats to all involved and mark your calendars to see Terry Pratchett’s Mort at the Majestic Theatre showing February 10th-19th, 2017!


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