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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Cast List Announcement!

We were incredibly impressed and honored by the amazing performers who came to audition. Everyone did a fantastic job and now we present to you, our cast list!

The Bradleys Beth- Bella Noel-Harmon Charlie- Will Rosling Mother- Laura Saxe-O’Brien Father- Robbie Allen

The Herdmans Ralph- Jaxon LaPoint Imogene- Ellery Shearman Claude- Kaiden Blickenstaff Ollie- Linus O’Brien Leroy- Micah Martin Gladys- Jane Denning

The Church Ladies Mrs. Slocum- Esther Lindsay Mrs. Clark-Kaisa Johnson Mrs. Clausing- Chelsea Dixon Mrs. McCarthy- Dena Oakes Mrs. Armstrong- Barbara McAdams

Reverend Hopkins-Bob Greenwade Firefighter- Patty Adams

The Classmates, Shepherds & Angel Choir Members Alice Wendleken- Elizabeth Doty Elmer Hopkins- Andy Craig Maxine- Olivia Allen Hobie- Cella Allen Davida- Tullulah Shearman Beverly- Eleora Lindsay Doris- Adrian Cerny Juanita- Quinny Riseley Shirley- Katrina Jensen Michaela Mueller Atira Fairbanks Emma Doty Sophia Kousoulakis Otto Gilbert Lorelai Adams Ruby Yagoda Scarlett Dixon Ben Dixon Sophie Kunecka Hannah Lindsay Eva Wing Madyson Hellem Nadia Durski

Our first rehearsal will be an All-Cast call, including parents, at 7:00 pm on Monday, September 21st. We will be meeting in the Majestic Classroom upstairs at the theatre and there will be signs to direct you. It is very important to have the whole cast at this rehearsal as we will be distributing scripts and rehearsal schedules.

– Wendy Cortright and the Pageant creative team.


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