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The Cast Lists for the Spring Reader’s Theatre shows are here!

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Tiger – Jeff Hess Tom – Mitchell Butzner Kev – Nate Pereira Musa – Srimanyu Ganapathineedi Uday/Man – Steven Olson Hadia, Iraqi Teenager, Iraqi Woman, Leper – Meghan McCloskey

Shakespeare in Love Will Shakespeare – John Carone Viola de Lesseps – Kelsea Ashenbrenner Philip Henslowe – Don Taco Viola’s Nurse, Molly, Mistress Quickly, Waiter, Boatman, and Ned Alleyn – Nancy Homan Christopher Marlowe, Sam, and the Priest – Nate Pereira Ralph, Frees, Catling, and Robert de Lesseps – Hannah Carter Edmund Tilney, Adam, Lambert – Josh Burlock Queen Elizabeth I, Kate, Robin – Leslie Hogan Richard Burbage, Peter, and Wabash – Robert Best Lord Wessex – Dick Weinmann

Sea Marks Timothea – Kimberly Gifford Olbrich Colm – Cliff Feldman

#bengaltigeratthebaghdadzoo #seamarks #shakespeareinlvoe


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