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The Cast Lists for the Spring Reader’s Theatre shows are here!

Here are the cast lists for the March, April, and May Reader’s Theatre shows!

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Tiger – Jeff Hess Tom – Mitchell Butzner Kev – Nate Pereira Musa – Srimanyu Ganapathineedi Uday/Man – Steven Olson Hadia, Iraqi Teenager, Iraqi Woman, Leper – Meghan McCloskey

Shakespeare in Love Will Shakespeare – John Carone Viola de Lesseps – Kelsea Ashenbrenner Philip Henslowe – Don Taco Viola’s Nurse, Molly, Mistress Quickly, Waiter, Boatman, and Ned Alleyn – Nancy Homan Christopher Marlowe, Sam, and the Priest – Nate Pereira Ralph, Frees, Catling, and Robert de Lesseps – Hannah Carter Edmund Tilney, Adam, Lambert – Josh Burlock Queen Elizabeth I, Kate, Robin – Leslie Hogan Richard Burbage, Peter, and Wabash – Robert Best Lord Wessex – Dick Weinmann

Sea Marks Timothea – Kimberly Gifford Olbrich Colm – Cliff Feldman


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