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Tin Woman: Optimism Through Tragedy

A note from Mike Aronson from the Majestic Readers' Theatre Company:

There are times in life when it is important to stay optimistic while at the same time accepting that it's

impossible to know exactly what's going to happen. This is the tight rope walked by the Majestic

Readers’ Theatre Company production of The Tin Woman directed by Danita Hamel and opening

February 22nd.

Even though she was preparing to die, Joy (Billie Travelstead), a successful freelance graphic artist, is given a second chance at life by receiving a successful heart transplant. Her attitude now is one of wisecracks and dark humor that she shares with her friend Darla (Debbie Wright). This comic façade hides emotional guilt that is common in transplant patients. Someone has to die so that you may live. It’s perfectly normal to have these feelings. But if these worries take over your life, you need to do something about it.

Joy writes a letter introducing herself that her health care team passes on to Alice (Angie De Morgan), the mother of the donor. Her husband, Hank (Tim Jaeger) has yet to find comfort in accepting the death of his son, Jack (Robert Best). But Alice wants closure and invites Joy into her home. For both the donor family and the recipient, the transplant becomes a way to get a sense of meaning from the parent’s loss.

Yet, the play is not a tragedy. The powerful ideas of parenthood and the sorrow death brings are turned into a sensitive and occasionally outrageous comedy. Much necessary amusement is supplied by excellent performances from Jack’s sister, Sammy (Andrea Ardans) and Joy’s discharge nurse (Katherine Otten).

The play’s author, Sean Grennan, smartly blends drama, humor, and hope into a believable story that ends with a comforting cleansing of authentic emotion. The title of the show is a reference to the Tin Man who requests a heart from the Wizard of Oz. It is difficult to imagine this play not touching your heart also.

There are three performances, one on Saturday, February 22th at 3 PM and two Sunday performances on February 23th at 3 PM and 7 PM in the Community Room of the Majestic Theatre. Tickets are available at the Majestic Box office Wednesday through Friday from Noon until 5 PM. Prices are 11 and 13 dollars.

You can also purchase tickets on the web at A $2.00 processing fee will be added to all tickets purchased online. If you want to avoid this, purchase tickets at the Majestic Box Office in person or by phone 541-738-7469.


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