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So you'd like to direct an online play for the Majestic Theatre! Excellent. We're so excited that you'd like to help us offer accessible theatre to meet the needs of our community. Fill out the information below and submit it.

No formal directing experience is necessary to apply as a director for this program! Many of the Majesticpiece Theatre productions that we have featured over the past few months have been directed by first-timers, and it's a perfect, low-pressure way to start your journey as a director.

2022-23 MPT proposals will be considered on a rolling basis, and once accepted, will be scheduled according to the availability of the tech crew and the prospective director.

As you consider what play you might like to direct, remember that we can only produce out of copyright works or plays that are otherwise rights-free. Older plays can often be quite long, and our Zoom shows don't have an intermission, so these plays made need to be cut or adapted for the online medium, adding narration or other elements that will make it work better online. If you'd like some adaptation advice or aid, you can always contact MPT coordinator Rachel Kohler! Check here for a list of Public domain plays.

The Majestic Theatre (a division of the City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation department) is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion and to creating a safe place for actors of all backgrounds to explore their craft. We are particularly eager to work with directors of color and other directors from marginalized communities. The Majestic Theatre staff and volunteers do not discriminate on the basis of age, national origin, race, gender, ethnic background, ability, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.

If you need help filling out this form, please reach out to Rachel Kohler at, and we'll make it happen!



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