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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Congratulations to everyone in the cast! The Majestic Theatre is presenting The Masque of Gaia as a FREE activity during Planet Palooza event day on April 17th! Stay tuned for the link to watch the play.

Prologue, the person who tries to explain this crazy thing to the audience

Julianna Gibbons

Gaia, the Earth herself

Brandi Douglas

Zephyr, the gentle west wind, her messenger

Mischa Brittin

Notus, the hot wind of the south

Amanda Pyne

The Charred Tree, the only survivor of a great forest fire

Savanna Coberly

The Park Ranger, beleaguered steward of the land

Asia Lederer

The Scientist, who is completely out of patience

Nathan Archer

Coal, one of the triumvirate of fossil fuels

Rob Otrembiak

Natural Gas, one of the triumvirate of fossil fuels

Deborah Wren

Petroleum, one of the triumvirate of fossil fuels

Rob Roberts

The Melting Glacier, melting and mad about it

Michele Mulidor

Poseidon, the god of the sea

Rue Dickey

Artemis, the goddess of animals

Sophie Kunecka

Death, the end of all

Tess Wood

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