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Comedy of Errors Cast List Announced!

“Thank you for everyone who came to support the Majestic Theatre and our continued  progress to building a group of talented people. It was exciting to meet everyone and everyone was generous with their time and energy. First read thru will be October 23, 2018 from 6-9pm in the Rehearsal Room. If you were not cast but would like to still be involved, please contact me at to add your name to the volunteer list to keep our theatre a thriving community. See you at the show!”


EGEON, father to the Antipholus’ – Robert Best Solinus, DUKE of Ephesus – Craig Farrell ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE – Rachel Kohler DROMIO OF SYRACUSE – Rory McDaniel FIRST MERCHANT, and BALTHASAR – Nancy Homan ANTIPHOLUS OF EPHESUS – John Carone DROMIO OF EPHESUS – Chad Howard ADRIANA – Kelsea Ashenbrenner LUCIANA – Madison Shirley LUCE – Miranda Moyer NELL (barista) – Teresa Salley OFFICER, JAILER, and MESSENGER – Shaznin Daruwalla ANGELO – Kyle Norton SECOND MERCHANT – Melvyn Manapsal COURTESAN, hostess – Asia Lederer DR. PINCH – Craig Farrell DR. PINCH’s SIDEKICK – Amelia Papinean EMILIA, LADY ABBESS – Karen Wohlwend OTHERS – Eleanor Johnson


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