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Comedy of Errors Cast List Announced!

“Thank you for everyone who came to support the Majestic Theatre and our continued  progress to building a group of talented people. It was exciting to meet everyone and everyone was generous with their time and energy. First read thru will be October 23, 2018 from 6-9pm in the Rehearsal Room. If you were not cast but would like to still be involved, please contact me at s.sheldrick@gmail.com to add your name to the volunteer list to keep our theatre a thriving community. See you at the show!”


EGEON, father to the Antipholus’ – Robert Best Solinus, DUKE of Ephesus – Craig Farrell ANTIPHOLUS OF SYRACUSE – Rachel Kohler DROMIO OF SYRACUSE – Rory McDaniel FIRST MERCHANT, and BALTHASAR – Nancy Homan ANTIPHOLUS OF EPHESUS – John Carone DROMIO OF EPHESUS – Chad Howard ADRIANA – Kelsea Ashenbrenner LUCIANA – Madison Shirley LUCE – Miranda Moyer NELL (barista) – Teresa Salley OFFICER, JAILER, and MESSENGER – Shaznin Daruwalla ANGELO – Kyle Norton SECOND MERCHANT – Melvyn Manapsal COURTESAN, hostess – Asia Lederer DR. PINCH – Craig Farrell DR. PINCH’s SIDEKICK – Amelia Papinean EMILIA, LADY ABBESS – Karen Wohlwend OTHERS – Eleanor Johnson


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