• Jimbo Ivy

Guards! Guards! Cast List

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Our production of Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! has a mostly completed cast list! Additional folx will be added as they are confirmed. Here it is from director John Carone:

"Many thanks to everyone who tried out for Terry Pratchett's GUARDS! GUARDS! You all did an excellent job!

The cast includes:

Vimes - Anthony McMahon

Carrot - Daniel Breysse

Nobbs - McKinley Smith

Colon - Johanna Spencer

Patrician - Laurie Mason

Lupine Wonse - Michael Germain

Lady Ramkin - Nancy Homan

Footnote - Rachel Kohler

The Librarian - Rus Roberts

DEATH, Ensemble - Andrew Freborg

Plasterer, Reet, Ensemble - Elise Van Fossen

Carrot's Dad, Archchancellor, Ensemble - Jason Smith